Periscope Phil

Reader feedback is incredibly important to us. We're here to help as many people as we can, and to do that well we need to know what it is everyone wants from us. Periscope is a perfect example, and if you've been following our account on this video streaming service you'll see we're getting pretty good at quick videos for everything from unboxings to random shenanigans after our weekly podcast. It's fun, fast, and everyone who has found us on Periscope recently seems to enjoy it.

Naturally, that means we want to make it better. To do that, we've made our sidebar poll for the week all about Periscope.

We've got a lot of potential options with Periscope. Andrew and Russell have recently taken to performing quick and dirty unboxings live, and we keep joking about sticking a tripod in Phil's backseat so you can see Android Auto in action while he drives or starting up an All Jerry All The Time broadcast, but before we go that far we'd like to hear from you. If you enjoy Periscope, and would like to see a few quick videos from us every week, help us figure out what they should be. Alternatively, if you'd rather we never use Periscope again and get back to doing things that matter, your voice is equally as important.

You know the drill.