360 watch bands

AC readers have spoken - and we love us some metal

We're having a hard time deciding which Moto 360 look we like best — the leather strap or the metal bracelet. Both have their merits, both have their drawbacks. Get hot and sweaty, or pull the hair on your arm every time you reach for something. Yeah, yeah — first world problems for sure.

Seeing the Pebble Steel band on the 360 makes the situation even more debatable, because it looks good and is cheap. Like $60 cheaper than Motorola's offering will be.

To help fix out indecisiveness, we asked everyone out there what they think. Clearly, we, the readers of Android Central, love us some metal.

Poll results

I'm in the leather camp for now. But it seems like more of us are digging that metal look. Heck, I like it too.

Decisions, decisions ...