Android for Christmas

With Christmas behind us, the chaos of the holidays is starting to die down. After you've eaten your leftovers, and said goodbye to visiting friends and relatives, all that's left is to sit down and play with your new toys. Plenty of us had an Android device (or two... or three) on our wish list this year. Whether you had your heart set on a new Pixel C tablet, or a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch or something in between, we want to know about it!

There were tons of fantastic devices to be found in 2015. Including unbreakable screens on phones, innovative designs on Smartwatches, and more options than you can shake a stick at. We're hoping you got at least one of the shiny gadgets on your wishlist this holiday. This week you have plenty of choices when it comes to telling us about that awesome new Android you got for Christmas. Your options are Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch, Android Auto, Android TV, Chromecast, Chromebook, Other, and I didn't get an Android this year.

So did you find any awesome new Android devices under the tree on Christmas day?

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Let us know if you got everything on your wish list this holiday in the comments!