Periscope for Android

Over the past two weeks we've been walking everyone through the basics of Periscope, Twitter's live video app with a mildly irritating affection for vertical video on mobile devices. It's a powerful platform, and we here at AC quickly found use for involving you in some of our day to day operations without really needing to stop and break out the real camera and editing gear. It's quick, live, and downright narcissistic in many situations.

Apparently, it's also something a lot of the folks who participated in this week's sidebar poll wish we'd stop doing altogether.

Most of you who participated in the poll this week would like to see us do a couple of fun things with Periscope. Nearly 25% would like to see us fire up a stream at random intervals and talk about whatever gadget we happen to have in our hands at the moment. Almost 21% would like to see us do device unboxings through Periscope, which we did a couple of times last week for the Dell Venue 10 7000 Series and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. 15% would like to see us roam the halls of the next tech event through Periscope, and 10% of participants would like to see us to quick AMA sessions through the service.

Periscope Poll

The biggest slice of the pie, nearly 29% of everyone who participated, would like us to stop using Periscope altogether. It's not hard to see why, either. You basically have to have Twitter to use the service, it doesn't integrate with anything else right now, and we've got a perfectly good YouTube channel for our videos to live. Unfortunately, YouTube isn't really set up for effortless live broadcast at the push of a button just yet. It's possible we'll see something like that with the upcoming YouTube Gaming release, but for the time being if you want a quick look behind the scenes at what is happening on Android Central, you'll be able to do so on Periscope.