We're not judging you, we swear. Okay, maybe a little bit.

We resolve... to not do anything.

Earlier this week, we asked if you had any Android-related resolutions — or any resolutions at all, for that matter. And while over a thousand of you participated, the results weren't as determined as we'd expect. Maybe you've been jaded by the years of people buying gym memberships in January and refunding them by Valentine's Day, or you simply know that all the toys at CES this week are going to smash that iron grip you're keeping on your wallet, but c'mon, guys, even a little resolution is better than none.

Over 40% of the poll's respondents said they weren't having any sort of resolution at all, but at least almost a third of you said that you did indeed have an Android-related resolution. Among your many comments, the most popular resolution is to buy fewer — or no — new devices this year and simply to love the one you're with. Other popular resolutions were to give new manufacturers a chance, or give old manufacturers another chance.

Not wanting to leave out the remaining quarter of users who said their resolutions were falling outside the realm of Android, I'd like to wish you all luck, whether it be to eat better, lose weight, be more social — I definitely need to keep reminding myself of that one — or to simply get some more sleep this year.

And to those who don't have a resolution, it's not too late, and there's a very simple one that you can keep up with: stand up. The more you stand, the more calories you burn and the less likely you are to form dangerous blood clots, so while you're binge-watching TV on your Chromecast, or catching up on the Android Central Podcast, make sure to stand up. You don't even have to walk around —although that would definitely be good for you, too — just stand up and stretch.