This week's sidebar poll: What has you excited for the October 29 event?

Google is "opening the playground" in just seven short days, and by now everyone thinks we know exactly what we're going to be seeing come October 29. I'll leave the editorializing on how we try to spoil every big surprise for another day, but if we're right it means we'll be seeing three major things come next Monday.

The one with the most hype surrounding it is easily the Nexus 4. The Internet has spent the last two months speculating on every possible nuance of the next Nexus phone, and by now we've got a pretty good handle on exactly what we're going to see -- a 4.7-inch, quad-core S4 pro device from LG with 2GB of RAM. Based on what we've seen from the Optimus G, it should be a powerhouse.

Maybe the Nexus phone doesn't tickle your fancy, Maybe you feel it's lacking features you want, or (heaven forbid) you're happy with the phone you have and don't want a new one. Good news! Google should also be announcing a 10-inch Nexus tablet, complete with Samsung's powerful new internals and a high-res (2560x1600; 300ppi) screen with millions and millions of pixels. That's bound to make more than a few of us all happy inside.

Of course, a new version of the OS is coming to make these new devices shine, and we fully expect Android 4.2 to come along and bring polish and closure to many of the features Google has been working on for the past year. For some of us, new software is the best shiny, and will overshadow any new hardware announcements.

We get the feeling there will be more to show as well. We know a 32GB Nexus 7 is coming, probably with a 3G version tagging along. And you can bet we'll see at least a couple announcements about the Play Store itself. It's an exciting time to be an Android fan. We'll be on the floor on October 29 to let you know exactly what's going on, but in the meantime we wanted to know what potential announcement has you the most excited. Answer the poll in the sidebar to the right, or jump past the break and let us know.

Before we go, a look at last week's results:

What's the most important feature in your next Android phone?

  • Battery life -- 37.96-percent
  • Android version -- 23.12-percent
  • CPU cores or clock speed -- 13.49-percent
  • Screen size -- 8.96-percent
  • Amount of RAM -- 6.10-percent
  • External storage -- 6.02-percent
  • LTE -- 4.34-percent

By the looks of things, a quad-core phone with the latest version also needs to have great battery life to become the crowd favorite. Let's hope we see one next Monday!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Unified messaging or bust!
  • doubtful..
  • I want fixes to my jelly bean 4.1.1 on galaxy nexus. that is all.
    this version has so many bugs and doesnt work well.
    i updated it through OTA tho.
  • What kind of bugs?
  • lol, details or your a troll :-P
  • my problems are :
    1. wi fi doesnt work.doesnt recognize any wi fi around.
    2. tethering doesnt work
    3.poor battery life. only 5 hours!
    4. poor 3g signal receiving.
    5. cant log in on yahoo messenger.
  • seriously, who uses yahoo messenger, and why would the app not logging you in be an OS issue?
  • why are you still on 4.1.1? 4.1.2 is already out.
  • thats what i want to ask google and samsung tobe exactly.
    why am i getting 4.1.1
    i own an international version and live in indonesia. my problems are :
    1. wi fi doesnt work.doesnt recognize any wi fi around.
    2. tethering doesnt work
    3.poor battery life. only 5 hours!
    4. poor 3g signal receiving.
    5. cant log in on yahoo messenger.
  • Flash 4.1.2 CM or AOKP rom
  • sadly i dont know how to do that. to many things to do :(
    im afraid my phone just turn in to a brick.
  • 1. and 2. work fine for me and everyone I know, so it must be a localised issue of yours. 3. My battery definitely lasts longer than 5 hours on normal usage (text messaging, the odd phone call, ~few hours of internet every day). It can never make it past 2 whole days, but I don't expect much from this generation of smartphones anyway. It's not really a bug. 4. I can't comment on this because my network is patchy where I live anyway. I certainly get 3G sometimes and it seems speedy enough when I do. 5. Clearly not a bug with the OS. Likely a bug with the Yahoo messenger app. So none of those are proper global OS level bugs. Having said that, of course Google will improve on the OS and patch more niggles and bugs, so you'll probably have a better experience with the next version.
  • I am excited because of the specs of the next Nexus Smartphone. But also because the Nexus 4 Smartphone will have the latest version of Android.
  • I am excited for the nexus 10, I hope it will bee $400 or less!
  • If its $400 or less I am buying one right away.
  • Next version of Google TV (version 3).
  • Keep in mind Google TV is android so it follows Android version number :p Nexus TV would be nice.... and would be not surprised to see Motorola doing it
  • I just want to get my 32GB Nexus 7, already ordered a case for it in anticipation. Darn Staples won't just sell me one early.
  • +1 I tried
  • same here. I want that 32gb N7
  • All the Things!!! :D
  • Nexus all the way. No more manufacturer & carrier molestation. If the new Nexus speaks to me I'm buying. If not the Galaxy Nexus is a great bargain on Google Play.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself! No bootloaders (or extremely simple to unlock like the Galaxy Nexus). No more waiting for AT&T to bring an official update 6-12 months after Google makes its release. Though I love my Galaxy Nexus, let's hope LG has raised the bar higher for future devices...
  • Nexus 10!!!!
  • I would have been excited for the Need 10 but there is no way it's as functional as the Galaxy Note II
  • I'm excited about the announcement of the new and improved Nexus Q with built-in Google TV and lower price.
  • I'd love to get my hands on a Nexus Q, I just don't know what use I would personally make of it
  • I'm more Excited for the Galaxy Note 2. If it launches simultaneously on all carriers...I'm sold.
  • Samsung, make Galaxy Note 3 and SGS4 a Nexus and WIN... you can pay Apple with interest.
  • Hoping the rumors of multiple manufactures making nexus phones is true. Don't have a problem with LG, but non-removable battery is a deal breaker, so hoping someone else will make a nexus with a removable battery.
  • That other nexus devices might be rumored Nexus 10 tablet from Samsung, which kind of explains why not Samsung doing a phone
  • I'm not really excited about the new Nexus due to all the leaks spoiling taking away the excitement similar the iphone 5 launch...more into the updated OS.
  • I'm the same, personally always prefer the surprise aspect and not knowing before hand. I am still clinging to the hope that Google still bring a rabbit out of the hat and release something none of us were expecting.
  • simple solution, stop reading the news until the event. it's like going to all the movie spoiler websites and being disappointed that you already knew how the movie ended.
  • That last poll was so difficult to vote on...I want great battery life, of course I want the newest Android version, I want at least a 4.5 inch screen, and 2 gigs of ram is practically a must have at this point. I can deal with everything else tho haha
  • The new OS all the way. Here's hoping a CM10 version comes quickly for my Gnex. The non removable battery thing won't work for me, I spend 13 hrs away from an outlet at work which is a lot of the days of the week.
  • The non-removable battery is almost a killer for me until I saw the Sprint Optimus G review: 5hrs Screen On time and a little north of 1 FULL day of battery. It'll only improve once CM10 is fashioned onto it. Come on ParanoidAndroid!!!
  • As a UK citizen with an HTC Sensation (still doing the business but not ever going to see Android 4.1, let alone 4.2, the prospect of the Play Music, TV Shows, and Movie purchasing sections of the playground opening up to me are the most exciting by a mile.
  • Can't wait to see them present the 10 inch Nexus tablet. Was planning to get a Nexus 7 but a Nexus 10 (if they call it thus) would be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Split-Windows for Tablets , That's all I'm hoping for.
    Honestly, I'm more excited for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event
  • I've been excited about a 10" nexus tablet since the first rumors hit at the end of June. I'm ready to make a purchase.
  • I'm VERY excited to hear about the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10... but what about the Nexus Q re-release? I'd be interested to see what Google has decided to do with the Nexus Q. I'd even consider getting one for all my music and movies (good bye blueray).
  • Dose anyone know what dose this mean? “Access to the software update is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later." I got a Samsung S3 on Three network
  • I waiting for the next Android version because I'm hoping the great Pete Alfonso (Pretty, Pretty, Please!) brings it to my Gnex (Toro).