If you haven't watched the latest Talk Mobile 13 hangout, you should. There was a lot of great discussion about being creative with your mobile devices, from people who live and breathe mobile. It also got me thinking about some of the ways a lot of us use our Android devices "creatively." I figure the best place to start is where Android excels — sharing things like pictures and video.

Read on, it's a little long this week.

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Sharing anything from your gallery in Android is dead simple. Sharing with an editor, like Snapseed (pictured) or any of the other great photo and video editors available from Google Play or built right into your phone and tablet. With a few clicks, you can get creative and do some awesome things that take your images and video clips from "great" to "Spectacular!" And the best part is, once your done sharing with friends and family — whether on social media like Facebook or Google+ or more traditional ways like email — is once again, just a tap or two away.

So do you or don't you? Unless I'm looking to post an out-of-the-camera example i always run my pictures through Snapseed. The controls are easy and the effect is usually pretty good. Other editors work as well (maybe even better). The same goes for video files. Apps are built in on most devices, and Google Play always has something worth installing if you look for it. The poll, as usual, is to the right in the sidebar. It's also embedded below to make things easy. Choose your answer, and discuss in the comments.

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As expected, the Samsung Note 3 has most of us excited. I can't wait to see how Samsung did with their latest. Discuss, and look below for this week's poll.