Wear OS finally got a WhatsApp app

The WhatsApp Wear OS 3 app on a Google Pixel Watch
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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp now has an app for Wear OS 3 watches, including the Google Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5.
  • The app lets users start new conversations, reply to messages, and take calls directly from their watch.
  • The app makes it possible to converse even without being connected to your phone.

WhatsApp users will know that replying to conversations from their Wear OS-powered watch hasn't always been easy, but that all changes today with the launch of the new WhatsApp Wear OS 3 app.

The new WhatsApp Wear OS app lets users do all the most crucial tasks right from their wrist, including starting new conversations, replying to messages, seeing the entire conversation, and even taking calls directly from their wrist.

It's compatible with all the best Android watches that run Wear OS 3, including the Google Pixel Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, and any other watch that got the big OS update. You can find it on the Play Store on your watch or follow the link below and use the installation drop-down menu, select your watch, and tap install.

The new WhatsApp app for Wear OS 3

(Image credit: WhatsApp)

Further than that, users can also record voice messages from their wrist, making it even simpler to reply to conversations and send messages without having to type on a tiny keyboard.

Previously, users would only be able to directly reply to messages via Android and Wear OS's built-in notification tools but couldn't individually pull up conversations from the watch if the notification was swiped away.

This is part of a slew of recent updates to the WhatsApp platform as Meta continues to roll out updates as well as new social platforms like Threads by Instagram.

Any Wear OS 3 watch that's connected to the internet — either via Wi-fi or a SIM network connection — can use the WhatsApp app without having to be connected to a phone. That's a big deal for keeping the conversation going or making a WhatsApp phone call, especially if you're on the go!



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