Samsung Galaxy Ring makes its first appearance at MWC 2024

Samsung Galaxy Ring
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What you need to know

  • The Galaxy Ring will be part of the Samsung Health ecosystem and is set to work seamlessly with the Galaxy Watch.
  • The battery size of the Galaxy Ring will vary based on its size, ranging from 14.5mAh to 21.5mAh.
  • The smallest ring weighs a mere 2.3 grams, while the largest is 2.9 grams.

Samsung finally showcased the Galaxy Ring during the MWC 2024 event in Barcelona after dropping hints at the Galaxy S24 series launch event last month.

It will be available in three cool colors: platinum silver, gold, and ceramic black in nine sizes. CNET reports that the tiniest ring in the lineup is a feather-light 2.3 grams, while the big player weighs in at 2.9 grams. The outlet notes that even the hefty one is lighter than the Galaxy Ring's rival, the Oura Ring, which tips the scales between 4 and 6 grams, depending on the size.

The Galaxy Ring will hit store shelves later this year, according to Hon Pak, head of Samsung's Digital Health Team. He promises it's not just a fashion statement; it's comfortable enough to rock around the clock. Plus, it's a key player in Samsung's grand scheme for a super-connected digital wellness platform.

"As a new addition to our wearables portfolio, Galaxy Ring will offer users an all-new way to simplify everyday wellness, empowering them with greater insights and more ways to understand themselves day and night," Pak wrote in a blog post.

The ring will presumably track your sleep using your heart rate, movement, and breathing. And it'll dish out some personalized advice based on all that data.

Joining the Samsung Health ecosystem, the Galaxy Ring will work with the Galaxy Watch to track your health. Samsung didn't reveal much about the Galaxy Ring when it teased a render at Unpacked last month. All the company divulged was that it's a wellness-focused gadget taking on the likes of Oura, packed with a bunch of sensors.

Now, CNET reports that the battery size of the Galaxy Ring varies based on its size, ranging from 14.5mAh to 21.5mAh. The exact battery life is still a mystery, but taking a cue from the Oura, which can last up to a week, we're speculating that Samsung's version might play in the same league when it comes to endurance.

That said, there are still a couple of blanks to fill in. The launch date and price of the Galaxy Ring, for instance, are still under wraps.

Samsung isn't the only tech giant dabbling in the smart ring space. Rumors are flying about Apple cooking up its own smart ring. There is no official word yet, but 2024 might just be the year of a heavyweight battle in this segment. According to our own Michael Hicks, if the Galaxy Ring wants to come out on top, it needs to snag some Apple Ring fans.

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  • jsabo
    If they were being clever about this, the ring would charge wirelessly, and they'd make a charger that I can slip under my mouse pad-- no removing the ring to charge!