Leaked Galaxy Fit 3 renders show a larger display to challenge the Fitbit Charge 6

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 FCC Schematics
(Image credit: SamMobile)

What you need to know

  • Windows Report posted leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 on Thursday.
  • The tracker will switch to a larger AMOLED display instead of the Fit 2's narrow fitness band design. 
  • The Galaxy Fit 3 passed through the FCC in September, making an imminent launch likely. 

We've heard leaks for a few months that Samsung would launch a new Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker, yet we had little insight on what design and feature changes it would bring. Now, thanks to leaked renders, we know that the Galaxy Fit 3 will leave the Fit 2's narrow fitness band look behind with an AMOLED squircle look.

Windows Report shared renders of the Galaxy Fit 3 from a "trusted source," as seen below. We don't have exact dimensions, but the Fit 3 looks like it could be about as wide as the 1-inch Fitbit Charge 6, if not slightly wider. 

The Galaxy Fit 3 recently passed through the FCC, and the accompanying schematics showed a wider design with pogo pin charging and an identical heart rate monitor, making it likely that these renders are genuine. 

The report provides these images but little hard information, mostly speculating on what the device could offer. For instance, it claims that the Fit 3 "might have an Android OS," which frankly seems unlikely for a fitness-branded tracker that has to last more than a day per charge and has no bezel or crown for complex UI navigation. 

Focusing on what the renders specifically tell us, the Fit 3 has a single side button (the Fit 2 was touch-only), a hole for what we assume is a microphone, and a rear health sensor suite that's distinctly different from what you see on a Galaxy Watch 6

At a minimum, the Fit 3 should have heart rate monitoring, an accelerometer and gyroscope for workout detection, and 5ATM water resistance, at least based on what the Fit 2 offers. Samsung could also add more health sensors and built-in GPS to match the Charge 6, but it depends on how much it wants to charge for it. 

Although the Fit 2 could last 15 days per charge, it's unlikely the Fit 3 can last as long, simply because a larger display would draw more power. That said, a larger battery could potentially balance this out. We also doubt that a fitness tracker this size could have a mic and speaker for Bluetooth calling, but a single mic could enable speaking to your connected phone's voice assistant, similar to the Amazfit Band 7.

Otherwise, it's hard to speculate what Samsung has planned. Since the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in 2019 and Galaxy Fit 2 in 2020, Samsung has scaled back its fitness focus in favor of more traditional Wear OS smartwatches. We would absolutely love it if the new Galaxy Fit 3 signaled a return to prioritizing fitness software. 

Its success will hinge upon how the Fit 3 matches up against the best fitness trackers. Physically, the new wider design means it won't be as light as the feathery 21g Fit 2, but it's also not as wide as your typical squircle trackers from Amazfit and Fitbit. Underneath the surface, it'll have to compete with brands that have more robust fitness recommendations than what Samsung Health typically offers. 

Michael L Hicks
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