The Pixel Watch sounds like a powerhouse despite its aging chipset

Google Pixel Watch
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What you need to know

  • The Pixel Watch will reportedly feature more RAM than any current Wear OS smartwatch.
  • The watch is said to also sport an impressive 32GB of storage, double that of the Galaxy Watch 4.
  • FCC listings show the Pixel Watch will likely come with a USB-C charging cable.

Now that the Pixel Watch has been officially unveiled, anticipation for the device is building in the lead-up to the full launch. Google unveiled just enough about the watch to pique our interest but left enough out to get us speculating. The latest rumor suggests that the watch will boast some impressive specs that could make it the smartwatch to beat when it launches.

A source provided some information to 9to5Google about the Pixel Watch, indicating that it will feature more RAM than what's currently found on available Wear OS smartwatches. At the moment, that crown goes to the Galaxy Watch 4 with its 1.5GB of RAM, but the Pixel Watch will reportedly surpass that, though not by much. A number wasn't given, but it sounds like 2GB of RAM is a safe bet, although it could fall somewhere between.

More RAM has helped Wear OS run more smoothly in the past, particularly when the best Wear OS watches moved to 1GB a few years ago. Of course, that could only do so much, with newer chipsets eventually picking up the slack. A previous rumor indicates that the Pixel Watch will sport an older Exynos 9110 chipset, which 9to5 doubles down on. Apparently, it will be joined by a co-processor that will help offset some of the duties from the main chip, not unlike the new Snapdragon Wear 4100+. This, along with the increase in RAM, may be how Google gets around the aging hardware.

Furthermore, the source tells 9to5 that the Pixel Watch will have the most onboard storage of any Wear OS watch at 32GB, double that of the Galaxy Watch 4. It seems a bit overkill for a smartwatch, but more storage means more apps and downloadable music. 9to5 has also learned that the Pixel Watch will reportedly feature health tracking sensors, enabling heart rate, ECG, and SpO2 monitoring.

Lastly, it seems as though the Pixel Watch will feature a charging cable with the newer USB-C connector instead of USB-A. According to an FCC listing, the charger will reportedly be built by Compal Electronics, which makes the charging cable for the Apple Watch. The listing also reveals supported LTE bands for two of the watch models, GBZ4S and GWT9R.

Google has yet to confirm any of these specs and features, but much of it seems fairly plausible. With a full launch still months away, there's plenty of time to speculate before Google's first smartwatch finally reaches consumers' wrists.

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