The Pixel Watch is getting a holiday treat before the year ends

Getting a software update on the Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes now sync between your Pixel phone and first-generation Pixel Watch, like the Pixel Watch 2.
  • The original Pixel Watch also gets a facelift with new watch faces and complications, along with the Call Screen functionality for both generations.
  • However, patience is key, as the update might take its sweet time, depending on your device and carrier.

After an announcement last week, Google has finally gifted the first-generation Pixel Watch with the long-awaited December 2023 Feature Drop along with a few treats for the Pixel Watch 2.

The latest update (version TWD9.231205.001) gives your first-generation Pixel Watch a taste of the Pixel Watch 2's useful features. This means your watch can now sync Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes with your Pixel phone. And as if that wasn't enough, Google decided the old model needed a facelift too, dropping some fresh watch faces and complications on it.

Call Screen also lands on both the first-gen and Pixel Watch 2, so you can see a live transcript of the caller's message right on your watch. This gives you enough time to decide whether to pick up the call or hit snooze.

If you're all in on the Pixel ecosystem with any of your favorite smartwatch from Google adorning your wrist, your watch can now unlock your Pixel phone, assuming it's nearby. This complements Google's face unlock or the hit-or-miss fingerprint scanner option. You'll need to activate Watch Unlock first by heading over to the Watch app on your phone, tapping on Watch preferences, and selecting Security. You'll spot the setting right there.

Google confirmed on the Pixel Watch community forum that the Feature Drop is officially on the move to Pixel Watch models, although it took a week post-announcement. However, the rollout could take several weeks, depending on your device and network.

Google's December update isn't just a parade of new features; the company has also fixed the "image retention" issue for some Pixel Watch 2 owners.

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