Can you measure blood pressure with the Galaxy Watch 5?

Can you measure blood pressure with the Galaxy Watch 5?

Best answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has an optical heart rate sensor, which can be used to measure blood pressure. Both the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 could do the same as well. However, there are limitations, and while you’ll get a reading, it will not rival what you would get from a traditional blood pressure cuff.

What you should know about measuring blood pressure with the Galaxy Watch 5

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a plethora of different sensors to measure plenty of stats about your health and wellness. The 3-in-1 Samsung Bioactive sensor controls include three main health sensors: bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor for body composition, like body fat percentage and skeletal muscle weight; electrical heart sensor (ECG) for heart rhythm and rate and detecting irregularities; and the optical heart rate sensor for measuring your cardiovascular health, and that can also be used to monitor blood pressure. Because the watch has a larger surface area that sits atop your wrist than previous generation models, you’re promised more accurate readouts. 

For the most accurate blood pressure monitoring when you measure blood pressure with the Galaxy Watch 5, you’ll want a dedicated blood pressure monitor as well, which usually comes in the form of a cuff, just like the one a doctor would use. But you can get some useful data from the Galaxy Watch 5 and its measurements. 

With that said, Samsung does recommend calibrating the feature at least once a month using an arm cuff blood pressure monitor. That means either buying one of those as well or wearing the watch while you use one at a local pharmacy. To calibrate, simply wear the arm cuff monitor on one arm simultaneously as you take a measurement using the Galaxy Watch 5 on the other arm. Manually input the reading from the blood pressure device into the watch, and repeat this process a total of three times to complete the calibration. 

You’ll also need one of the best Samsung phones running Android 7.0 or above in order to use the feature, and should be 22 or older. 

To get the most accurate blood pressure reading, only take a measurement when you are at rest (never during a workout) and refrain from drinking or smoking. 

It’s important to note that the information you receive should not be used for diagnostic purposes and cannot determine heart conditions like hypertension. If you notice something off, consult with a doctor or specialist for more information.

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