Google demoed Waze integration in Android Auto back at I/O 2016, but we haven't seen any progress on that front. Back in February, Android Auto picked up an app switcher for maps, hinting at the availability of navigation options other than Google Maps.

It now looks like Waze is finally about to make its way to the car, as invites are being sent out to beta test Waze on Android Auto. Invites going out to the Waze beta community reveal that the Android Auto client will be available for testing shortly, although there isn't any mention of when it will kick off. Here's the email that's being sent out to members in the Waze beta community:


We are exciting to update that the beta testing for Waze Android Auto will be started soon (no date yet)! As part of the preparation, we wanted to check the beta community's interest in taking part of the testing project.

We're still in the early phases and will continue to update you when we have more details; However, if you're interested in testing it in the future, please fill in this form.

**Note: You should only complete this form if you have/are planning to buy an Android Auto (AA) device.

Regards, Waze Beta Team

With I/O 2017 a few months away, it is likely we'll see a final version of Waze for Android Auto make its debut at the event. If you're interested in taking a look at what's on offer and don't want to wait until the stable release is available, hit up the link below to enrol in the Waze beta community.

Sign up for Waze beta testing

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