Wattam, the latest game from Katamari Damacy creator, finally hitting PS4

Wattam, the new game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, has been in development since at least 2015. On Tuesday, we learned that it's finally getting a release.

During PlayStation's State of Play, it was announced that the game will be hitting the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms in Dec. 2019.

This announcement was sort of expected. Publisher Annapurna Interactive tweeted a tease on Monday. It didn't say anything about the game exactly, but check out those emojis. The hat look familiar?

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The game, like Katamari, has an infectiously cheerful and colorful art style. As you can see from the gameplay video above, it involves making friends. According to the Funomena website, the green blob with the top hat can make friends with over 100 characters, from other blobs to trees to toilets. The game takes place through all four seasons — Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter — and has you solving puzzles and exploring. You can play solo or in co-op mode, so you can play with real-life friends, too!

This is definitely a big deal for fans of Takahashi. The last game the developer worked on was ALPHABET in 2016, which is a game you can find at festivals rather than play in the comfort of your home. Wattam has been in development for a number of years — the first teaser hit in 2014 — so to see this game finally getting a release is tremendous.

Will you be checking out the game? Pre-orders aren't available online yet, but we'll be sure to update you when they are.

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