Hulu on Skyfire

So here's the thing about watching Hulu on the Android Skyfire 2.0 browser: You can do it at the moment, but don't count on it for long. We've been down this road before with Skyfire on Windows Mobile. One minute Hulu would work (with Skyfire's servers taking care of the Flash playback), and the next minute it'd be gone. And we've discussed the reason for this at WMExperts: "The answer is simple: Hulu has decided to block you from watching Hulu videos in the Skyfire browser, as part of blocking all mobile access to Hulu, as well as TV access such as with Boxee and PlayStation."

Fast forward to today: Skyfire's been playing Hulu just fine. But don't expect it to last. Skyfire says so far as they know, Hulu hasn't changed its mind about mobile playback yet. Spokesman Kevin Jordan told us the following:

"Sometimes Skyfire works on Hulu while Skyfire does routine updates on its servers. Typically, though, it's intermittent before Hulu re-blocks us. 

"Chances are that process is going on again. From our standpoint, we haven't learned of Hulu intentionally allowing Skyfire to work."

So there you go. Maybe we'll get lucky. Who knows. If you're dying to know what Skyfire looks like on Android, check out our video after the break.