Was the Google Pixel 5a worth the wait?

Google Pixel 5a Rear 2
Google Pixel 5a Rear 2 (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

When Google unveiled the first a-series Pixel phones, the 3a and 3a XL in 2019, it did so in may at its I/O developers' conference. Not only was the phone a pleasant surprise based on what it offered for the price, but it was a welcome mid-cycle refresh to the Pixel lineup, coming out in between the Pixel 3 and 4 series.

Due to factors influenced by the global pandemic, the release dates of the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G fell off of this predictable cadence in 2020, and those same factors appear to have also affected the release date of Google's newest budget phone, the Pixel 5a here in 2021.

The forthcoming Pixel 5a offers some nice but iterative upgrades over its predecessors, including official IP67 water resistance and a two-day battery. Still, its availability is coming at an odd time with the premium Pixel 6 and 6 Pro on the imminent horizon has many questioning why the Pixel 5a even exists.

Given how late in the year the Pixel 5a is coming out and the fact that it retains the same design language of the 4a series, we wanted to hear from you all if you think the device is worth the wait.

If you're one of the ones who answered YES to the poll above, you can pre-order your Pixel 5a today from the Google Store.

Jeramy Johnson

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