This is getting confusing. First, the Xperia X10 wasn't going to get multitouch because the hardware wasn't capable. Then we heard that the Xperia X10 would receive multitouch in a software update. And now it's back to square one -- no multitouch, ever, on the Xperia X10. How do we know? First, we found out on Twitter. And then SE Communication Manager Harold de Kort said so. In his words:

“Multi-touch will not be a feature in future updates for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 because the device does not support multi-touch due to her software and hardware configuration. The operation and user experience of the phone will be further improved and Sony Ericsson will come with her own intuitive way of, for example, zooming in and out.”

So there you have it folks. No multitouch on the Xperia X10. And frankly, it's been so long since anyone has been excited about the X10, we're not sure anyone cares if there's multitouch or not.. [via Twitter and androinica]