Vulkano Flow from Monsoon Multimedia brings TV from home to your smartphone

These days, digital content is everywhere. You can purchase movies, TV shows and music from a multitude of places but when it comes to getting the content you already own or pay for on your device -- that's where things get a little tricky. Monsoon Multimedia is looking to make all that easier with their Vulkano Flow system. As described in their press release:

The Vulkano Flow gives consumers the freedom to watch their TV anywhere in the world using smartphones, tablets and computers. Vulkano users can now instantly begin recording their favorite television programming so they never miss historic news or memorable sporting moments.

The system itself is comprised of two components. The base station, back at your house and the application available for Android in order to control things from afar. When combined, you then have access to full DVR capabilities on any one of your devices on the go. The Vulkano Flow will set you back $99 and the app needed to connect is available now in the Android Market for $12.99. You can jump on past the break for the full details.

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Monsoon Announces Direct Recording of TV Content on iPad, iPhone and Android Phones and Tablets

$99 Vulkano Flow First to Allow Direct Recording of Your TV Programming to Smartphones and Tablets

SAN MATEO, CA – June 21, 2011 – Monsoon Multimedia, a leading provider of video convergence products, today announced the addition of Direct to Mobile Recording for its Vulkano line of products. Included with Direct Recording is full DVR, Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward features. The Vulkano line of devices now offers these features via Wi-Fi for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Content is encrypted to avoid any possibility of infringement.

The Vulkano Flow gives consumers the freedom to watch their TV anywhere in the world using smartphones, tablets and computers. Vulkano users can now instantly begin recording their favorite television programming so they never miss historic news or memorable sporting moments.

“The Vulkano line of devices has been created to offer consumers the ultimate flexibility in entertainment and we are proud to be the first to offer direct recording and DVR for mobile devices,” said Colin Stiles, EVP Sales and Marketing at Monsoon. “Consumers are making smartphones and tablets an essential part of their every day lives and are expecting to view and browse the TV content that they pay for at their leisure, no matter where they are in the world.”

Summary of Direct to Mobile Recording and DVR features on Vulkano Devices:

• Direct to mobile recording supports iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets

• Full DVR capabilities including Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward

• iPhone/iPad recording in mp4 formats containing H264+AAC

• Android recording in mp4 formats containing H264+AAC

• iPhone/iPad recording in D1 or 640x480 or 352x240 resolutions

• Android recording in D1 or 640x480 or 352x240 resolutions

•  Insufficient memory alert

Pricing and Availability

The Vulkano Flow ($99.99) is now available at Fry’s Electronics, Amazon, MicroCenter, other leading retailers and etailers as well as at Android, tablet and additional smartphone applications can be purchased for $12.99 each in their respective app stores.

About Monsoon Multimedia

Monsoon Multimedia provides advanced, standards-based multimedia products and convergence technologies for the PC, Mac, iPad and major smartphones. Founded by the founders of Dazzle and Emuzed, the company has offices in California, India, Russia and Singapore. For more information, please visit

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  • This looks pretty awesome. I do wonder if cable companies will start blocking it, though.
  • I think you misunderstand what this device does. I believe it's just like Slingbox, it just lets you watch whatever is being displayed on your tv. The connections go Cable/Satellite Box -> Slingbox/Vulkano -> TV By sitting between the box and tv, it picks up whatever is being displayed on your tv and allows you to watch that same thing over the internet on your computer, phone, etc.
  • I use the Slingbox solo to do this. The Vulkano will come out cheaper though. Slingboxes are around $150 and the app is $30... This seems cheaper. I wonder if the interface or functionality will be worth it for consumers to go with the Slingbox. Also, for those who wonder how well it performs: I stream on Tmobile 3g/HSPA+ with a Nexus one just fine. It really hums on wifi, but definitely still watchable on 3g.
  • Motorola recently announced that they are working on building this functionality into some of their cable boxes.
  • This seems to be pretty cool gadget, but I see a huge flaw on their marketing campaign...and that is having to pay for the app on the market. In fact, I would not mind it if it were under $5, but $13 for the app on top of the unit's price i think is too greedy an approach. As stated on the press release..."Android, tablet and additional smartphone applications can be purchased for $12.99 each in their respective app stores"...EACH!!!! All in all it seems like a great concept that has to woo over those already using streaming media from hulu and netflix, or major cable players such as comcast xfinity-tv. It seems like it would fit someone who is not heavily vested n streaming media and.or connected to cable services IMHO.
  • How is it a huge flaw? Their competitor, Slingbox, charges $29 for their Android app & people gladly pay it because it was the only option for this service. Now this is an option & they are pricing their app less than half the cost of Slingbox...and their hardware costs less too!
  • The big flaw I see is that they are marketing this gadget for streaming cable to your mobile devices. With all the major carriers beginning to cap our data limits, I don't see how there will be a large number of users willing to pay $10/Gig to watch their cable in the car..
  • Be very carefull with this company. I own the top of the line model and I owned their last model the Hava. I thought it would be a great (cheap) alternative to the slingbox and it was. But the company is VERRRY in upgrading their mobile apps. When I had the Hava and upgraded to the Touch Pro 2 they never put out a properly working piece of software, always promissing it was comming. Once they released the Vulkano they completely abandoned the Hava and did not even pretend anymore. They never put out an Android app which forced owners to upgrade to their new unit the Vulkano. Now with all the new phones comming out they are up to their old tricks or should I say lack of development. Everything was great with my Captivate, but now I have an Atrix and their app does not work. It is the only app out of the 200+ apps I have that does not work. Now they have been saying for two stright months when I contact them support for the newer phones is comming anytime now. Remember I did this once before with the Hava and now history is repeating itself. Slingbox had a working app in the market within a week of the Atix release and again this company has completely failed. I warn you all if you plan to buy newer phones, this company will not keep up and you will end up with a useless black slab on top of your cable/sat box!! At least i can still watch on my Galaxy Tab. BEWARE!!!!
  • Thanks for the warning seems Slingbox may be worth a few exrta dollars over the long haul.
  • Slingbox may be greedy SOB's, forcing upgrades from Classics to SOLO's and charging $30 for an app that lets me watch a piece of hardware I bought and using my own internet connection. But just looking at Amazon reviews it looks like they may be the better choice.
  • I've been using something like this for a year now. O yeah, its called slingbox. Works flawless and looks great on the DX. I use it to watch baseball games and sportscenter while sitting in traffic. It amazes me how many people have never even heard of slingbox. Makes out of state/country trips great when you can watch local tv instead of crappy soccer when your in Mexico. Go Slingbox!
  • This will go great with your 2GB data plan. Infrastructure FAIL.
  • I think what's most amazing about this product is it allows you to record your programming to your phone/iPad using Wifi. I don't know of any easy way to do that right now.
  • I think you hit the nail on the head. Everyone is talking about Slingplayer and streaming - which they do very well. I am looking at this for the record to phone.
    One issue I found on their web site is no support for 2.3. I guess my DX will have to wait