VR roguelite Until You Fall out soon for Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR

Until You Fall Launch Hero
Until You Fall Launch Hero (Image credit: Schell Games)

What you need to know

  • Until You Fall is a hack-and-slash roguelite with endless upgrades and a penchant for challenging players physically.
  • Players will take down waves of challenging enemies until they die, then use their earnings to upgrade and rise again.
  • Until You Fall debuts on Oculus Quest and PSVR for $24.99 on September 29.

After a full year in Early Access on the PC, Until You Fall is finally making its way to version 1.0 and, with that major milestone, an official release on the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. Schell Games has been working on beefing up the content and difficulty over the past year, adding in tons of new enemies, weaponry, and all manner of gameplay enhancements since the initial Early Access release last Fall. Until You Fall is a hack-and-slash roguelite that challenges players to survive as long as possible as they make their way through three tiers of levels.

As players progress through each stage, they'll choose from randomly-generated upgrades that can be used as temporary power-ups or extra currency to be spent between rounds. You'll fight your way through hoards of beastly enemies as far as you can until you fall, then use what you've earned to upgrade your weapons and armor to progress further through the level tiers each time. Until You Fall's gorgeous world visuals and synthwave soundtrack paint an incredible picture that'll have players coming back for more, but the visuals aren't the only draw here. It's the combat that really shines.

Until You Fall was one of the first VR games to really take advantage of physics-based combat and weaponry that we've now seen in several other games, and the weight and style of each weapon play a key part in how players will succeed through each round. Aside from this, Schell Games has added in a class system that'll provide additional ways to play through the game's unique combat styles and help give players a significant workout along the way. You can learn more about each class in Schell Games' post on the PlayStation Blog, which is applicable for all versions of the game no matter what platform you play it on.

Until You Fall debuts on PSVR and Oculus Quest for $24.99 on September 29, marking the official end of the Early Access period on PC, as well. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

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