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Vlingo responds to Google Voice Actions -- by making Vlingo for Android free

Vlingo has responded to Google's release of Voice Actions in an amazing way -- by making its $9.99 Android application free.  Yes, free, starting today.  The folks at Vlingo are the first to applaud Google for the great Voice Actions application, but they also point out that Vlingo offers a bit more -- besides being cross platform, they also hook into Twitter and Facebook, and SafeReader to have incoming messages read aloud.  Oh, there's one more thing -- Vlingo works with Eclair and Froyo, so no need to wait for that OTA. 

Personally, I love Vlingo.  Now I love it even more.  Hit the break for the download details. [Vlingo]

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I haven't bought it yet, but are the people who bought it before getting screwed?
  • At least we can get this App, nothing like paying ur bill every month on time and waiting for verizon to give us FROYO. We Should charge them a late fee!
  • Yes....just like anything that changes price
  • Yes, I am hosed Nick, thanks for rubbing it in....
  • How does vlingo make it's money if they give it away for free?
  • I was wondering the same. Will they add ads or have some sort of premium service?
  • If they incorporate ads then there better be a ad-free version. I paid for it because it is awesome. I bought when I did because I wanted it so no hard feelings about it being free now. It was a risk I willingly took. But I would be upset if they pushed ads in to the app. Hopefully a little competition will be good for everyone.
  • I never really cared for Vlingo. It could never distinguish between commands to call my wife at work or on her cell. The new Voice Actions does it flawlessly.
  • Android did this before the update. Use it for hands-free Bluetooth dialing all of the time.
  • Not to mention GVA takes up less space. {{-_-}}
  • What! I bought it like a month ago!
  • Yeah me too. This sucks.
  • They are making Vlingo free for the android platform, their hand forced by Google's app. They will still charge people who want this on an iDevice, Blackberry and Palm. Seems hinkey that those of us who paid (some mere weeks ago) get no choice of premium options nor the opportunity to get something else for our money - but we live&learn. It wouldn't bug people so much if they didn't charge $10-20 for the app, I reckon.
  • Wow, purchased Vlingo for $10! Low blow! :(
  • If you feel bad, just think how Vlingo feels. Their entire market gone - Poof.
  • Only as far as Android goes, they aren't making it free across the board for all platforms.
  • I almost bought it yesterday, but refunded instead. What a lucky break.
  • I really hesitated @$9.99 but didn't mind paying for the app as it worked better than the standard app, but not even 2 months later it's free? This will make me very hesitant to pay that kind of money for an app again. One would hope there would be something refunded to make my stupidity a little more palatable.
  • Vlingo has to be my most heavily used app on my phone. Flawless for me.
  • You might see something if you just recently purchased like any good business does if they put an item on sale you bought a week before. But for those who bought it two months ago I doubt you see anything.
  • I had been considering vlingo for a while but I couldn't bring myself to pay $10 for it. Guess I lucked out on this one...
  • How VERY strange!! Why are these people whinging and whining, about having bought the application a day/week/month ago (for 10$ - Hardly a fortune!), and "now it's free - Have we been screwed?".
    Have you guys never been shopping in stores?? Prices change. Offers come and go. LAST week stores had a 25% off certain goods. This week the offer is no longer on. That's life! Let's face it, it's still a "bargain" at 10$. Cheers
  • Not to upset anyone, a friend of mine that has a Droid X told me about this app just last week. I hadn't checked the market to see what the hubbub was about until today. Imagine my surprise that the app is now free! Weird coincidence. Then after I download the thing, (great app, btw!), the story about the app being free is on the front page of the site. Invoking spirit of Rod Sterling now!
  • Vlingo works great. I paid $10 for it too, but it really is a quality app, so it's hard to feel bad, especially when you consider the position Google put them in. Heck, we knew Google would implement these features after the demos at I/O. During the first four months of having the device, I paid for zero apps. Over the last four months I have purchased a dozen apps at nearly $60. Who says Android users aren't willing to pay for apps. Just give us quality apps and we will buy them.
  • I totally agree I bought it about a month ago. Nice app BTW! I guess will see how it compares. I've also bought Grooveshark and Robo Defense in the last month.
  • I'm annoyed. Bought it 2 weeks ago after going back and forth about whether it was worth the (relatively) high price for an Android app. I like Vlingo, but to think it would have been free if I waited a couple of weeks? I'd have felt less bad if they lowered the price and touted the couple of features Google doesn't have--yet.
  • WOW....Vlingo works awesome on my EVO !! has not made 1 mistake yet....I ALMOST paid for it a few weeks ago, and Im glad I did not ! Its so so much better than the stock app that came on the EVO !
  • I have to agree with Sleepy's comment....most Android users WILL pay for an App if its a good one...I did not buy Vlingo as I was waiting for the 2.2 OTA update to arrive.Many of the apps had to be tweeked to handle 2.2....NOW....lets go App shopping again !!
  • It came pre-installed on my GSV. I haven't tried it yet though. There was an update available though but for $9.99. I might try it out and the Google VA too.
  • So, what now is the difference btw Vlingo and VA. Is Vlingo still worth downloading after Google Voice Actions?
  • for 2.1 devices it is. Had it on the blackberry but didn't use it as much as I had the keyboard right there. Driving with my Android is a much different experience. TXT to speech that I don't have to babysit is great. Might change my tune when Froyo hits my device.
  • Unless I'm missing something (and if I am, someone please tell me so I can try it again!), Voice Actions will only send an email via the GMail application. I prefer to use K9 and send email from my personal (non-Google) account. VLingo let me choose K9 as my email default. My co-worker was just telling me about how she doesn't like SmartPhones, and thinks they are a waste. I pulled up Vlingo, said "Email (wife's name) Subject Will be late message Traffic is really bad." And showed her that the message was all composed and ready to send out. She almost fell on the floor. (my wife is deaf, so I wouldn't call her in such a situation).
  • Like everyone else who bought Vlingo before the free release...that sucks. However, as much use as I've gotten out of it, it was worth it. On the flip side, I'm going to have to try out Google's voice commands and see how much they have improved. Wasn't to impressed before but sounds like I need to take another look at it.