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Verizon's Samsung Fascinate getting Gingerbread, for what it's worth

Anybody remember the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon? A few of you in the back? Good. Cause the phone that time forgot has finally (finally!) gotten its long-overdue update to Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Now you can bask in the knowledge that your phone's only one major update behind (more or less, since we're not counting Honeycomb).

That's the good news. The bad news is we wouldn't hold our breath waiting on an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, at least officially. Get yourself to your favorite Fascinate forum (oh, look, there's a handy link below) and keep your eye's peeled for some developer action.

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Thanks to Jody for the pic, and everyone else who sent this in!

  • Remarkable
  • FTW!!!
  • What's usually the word s/he uses? LOL
  • My wife -- feeling left out of the rest of our smart-phone, Android-enabled household -- picked one of these up earlier this year at Costco. It came with all kinds of toys (spare battery, car mount, etc.) and she loves it. When I've used it, gotta say it's a solid littler performer. It can't get a GPS signal every so often, so hoping an update clears up some of those issues. But nothing wrong with this phone.
  • My GPS never worked for this phone, which was one of the main reasons I sold it on CL for $200. I wish I'd held onto it merely for the fact that the devs have got ICS working beautiful on the fascinate.
  • I searched around when she was having the issue and installed a GPS Status app. Launch that, it connects, and then there's no problem with any of the other apps (Navigate, Jog Tracker, etc.) getting the GPS signal correctly. Of course, shouldn't have to do that, but it was an easy workaround she can even manage.
  • Nope, that was a half-ass fix that only kinda worked. I could never get GPS lock, and signal strength was always miserable too.
  • Absolutely inexcusable. Remember, it launched around this time last year with 2.1, right when 2.3 was being announced. Then it took 6 months to get an official 2.2. And now, a year later, months after ICS announced, it's *just* officially getting 2.3. #IHateFragmentation
  • I have asked this many times, but what does the version number actually matter? Sure, if things worked perfectly, Google would release a new version of the Android base, and within a few days the handset makers would have the code integrated, a few days after that the carriers would have their software tested out, and a few days after that the update would get pushed out. But life is not perfect, and neither is any smartphone, so what does it really mean when a handset is running 2.2.2 or 2.3.5 or 3.5.7? Is this just an e-peen measuring stick to allow for proper geek cred to be issued only to those running a phone with the highest set of numbers in the version code? Or what?
  • Is this already out, or has it been announced that they will be pushing it out?
  • its out, this is a screen shot of my wife's phone. Just got it this morning.
  • BTW they did fix the screen shot issue with this update which was nice!
  • Since you seem to be the go-to guy, how's the update?
  • seems to have fixed the gps issue, enhanced the fonts and symbols, and that's all I really noticed right off the bat.
  • I actually picked this phone up last year and liked it, but not more than my OG Droid so I gave it to my wife and she loves it! Great display and I'll admit that I was jealous that she got this update (2.3.5) and my Bionic is still on 2.3.4...
  • The froyo update broke my fassy and now i have the Charge. Charge got gingered this week too and the phone is what 9 months newer? Charge is my 3rd sammy smartphone and also likely my last, entirely because of this update issue. I'll be getting the Nexus whatever next summer, though ironically i sort of hope they're still being made by sammy. Best of both worlds then, best smartphone screen but timely updates too.
  • Now if only the Captivate would follow suit. I'm still stuck on 2.2 (not even 2.2.1) and there are a lot of bugs I would like to be fixed. 9/10 youtube videos won't play until I restart the phone, and almost every time I try to play my music through the music player or watch videos that I've recorded on the device, it tells me "this file type is not compatible with this device/this video cannot be played." Even 50% of the time I try to record video it fails with some error. Never had these problems with 2.1. The Canadian Captivate has Gingerbread, so why not at&t's?
  • I skipped gingerbread went with ics instead so much better
  • Hopefully my wife's device will be replaced with a Nexus in the near future... I am going to have to fight her for it.
  • I installed ICS also to pass the time. Can't beat a cheap fascinate to pass the time until the nexus launches.
  • How did you install ICS if the update is not available? I would love to get ICS, my phone wont even complete the gingerbread update, I'm very far behind..
  • just started the update myself. how exciting. I had no idea this update was coming. AC dropping the ball on keeping fascinate users updated or just not caring? Latter most likely, but no biggie. My phone rocks. It ROCKS dammit!
  • How could AC have dropped the ball when there was no indication this was even coming, except for the leak from about 2 weeks ago?
  • The leak was very exciting to those in the rom community since it offered a very stable and battery-friendly base, we knew this one had release potential but Verizon is very mum about actual release dates, and given their history no one was eager to speculate on when/if they would make this one public. Short answer, no one knew except a few high up in the Verizon corporatocracy, and I for one am find not seeing rumors on the main page of AC.
  • Its my baby nexus lol now i wish i could use it everyday i switched to sprint
  • About time. My girlfriend has this phone and its been very sluggish lately. I hope this will make the phone better!
  • This phone IS sort of dead, but don't speak too soon: a lot of best buys(including mine) still have this phone in stock, for sale, ha! It was a big seller for more than 6 months.
  • Its showing android 2.3.5 but the battery icon is of
  • I don't know why the Fascinate has always been treated like such an afterthought. It's only a little over a year old, so most of us who bought it still have a year to go on our contracts. More to the point, it's still a solid, capable phone, and it has good developer support. I'll probably be replacing mine with a Galaxy Nexus soon, but honestly, I would have been perfectly happy to keep using it for another year. And hey, if Gingerbread isn't good enough for you, there's already an ICS build that (by all reports) is stable enough to be a daily driver.
  • One word...BING
  • I'm currently running jt1134's Ice Cream Sandwich build on my Fascinate and loving it (in a matter of fact, this message is veing made from the ICS browser), but it's great to know the phone is still being updated officially. Hopefully an official ICS build comes around for the Fascinte, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • I got a Fascinate for 1.00 on BF last year. Almost traded it for a Charge, a few months ago. Man, am I glad I didn't. The hardware has always been spot on for the device. The software is what lacked. That said, I was on ICS yesterday. Awesome, awesome ROM. I flashed back, because most my apps weren't supported for ICS yet (dolphin, jorte, fb, etc)and thats a deal breaker. As soon as those apps start to get support I'll be heading back. I was on this said Gingerbread leak for a couple weeks (I flashed the leaked version) and I can comment to it's stability. The GPS was awesome, and the stability was tremendous. I would have no problem going back if there wasn't a handful of very awesome Roms floating around. I am currently runnning Pool Party by TSM, with an ICS theme. Beautiful work. The development for the Fascinate is amongst the best of all smartphones. I mean it has ICS before a lot of other phones in that generation, and even newer (ahehm charge owners)..
  • offline available anywhere?
  • I have been running GB for quite some time thanks to the great I500 devs.
    Too bad the Fascinate got such a bad name, but it's not the phone's fault. With the right software this things sings and with these devs I'll be fine till the next Nexus.
  • I'm shocked :O
  • Updated yesterday. Completely stock here. Both mine and my wife;s phones. Love it. Biggest praise? The signal strength. At work, 1x or 1-2 bars. After update 4 bars consistently. At home,1-3 bars intermittently, now 5 bars all evening and this AM. The speed of the phone from screen to screen has increased and so far I love not taking random screen shots. Another perk, my Flixster app can now play my UltraViolet Digital DLs.
  • We have three Fascinates in the family and other than the GPS issue (and lousy Verizon coverage in rural areas), the phone has been a solid performer. I unrooted my device a week ago with intentions to re-root and install a GB ROM. Glad I waited. Updated mine and my wife's phones last night and they work great. Even the GPS has an instant lock! Makes waiting for the Galaxy Nexus not so bad! (And, "it has 4G!")
  • What has 4G??
  • Updated to EH03 from stock froyo (ED05) and I really like the little enhancements, but GPS no longer works AT ALL. No sign of a GPS lock even being attempted and even apps like GPS Status don't show any visible satellites. Tried clearing and updating a-GPS, but still no luck. So far, the only resolution I've seen is to re-install GB manually via Odin. :(
  • At least the Fascinate is getting GB. Be glad you didn't get the T-Mobile Vibrant, as it's been utterly abandoned. Thank god for XDA Developers... :)