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Verizon's Q4 global lineup: HTC Merge, Droid Pro, LG enV Pro, Droid 2 Global

We've had our hands all over the HTC Merge, but we haven't really heard when it's due on Verizon. Looks like the fourth quarter may be pretty well nailed down (along with the "Merge" name), at least according to this leak that just hit our inbox.

Four Android smartphones -- "world phones" that will work on Verizon in the United States as well as on networks overseas -- are listed as coming in the fourth quarter. There's the aforementioned HTC Merge, the Motorola Droid Pro (see our hands-on at CTIA), the Droid 2 Global (which is still unannounced but pops up from time to time) and the LG enV Pro (largely a rumor until now).

Of course, this is still subject to change, and we don't actually know release dates, so stay tuned, folks.

  • I guess I could get this phone and go to Europe
  • Well the Apple juice has finally worn off and I'm heading to Verizon. I'm not necessarily a key board guy, but an HTC slider would peek my interest. I'll hold out until this is available. DX, Fascinate or Merge - two will be heading to my house. All would be a great device for our needs.
  • Get the dx, way better than any phone on verizon
  • Hah! Except the DInc...
  • That was a rumor that died early on. I think it's the bootloader that the dev's weren't able to fully crack. I haven't tried load any full-on custom ROM's on my DX but I have removed the bloatware and installed some apps that require SU permissions. I updated the adk and finally re-rooted under froyo tonight with few very small obsticles. Since froyo dropped on the higher end phones; ROM's haven't really burned up the forums, not many care. The DX is a superior phone (if you like large screens, batt life, over small form factor) but it's not exactly the best dev platform due to the locked down loader. I think the Nexus is pretty much the unofficial fav in that dept. It was cool to be able to get it straight from Google. For anyone other than a hard-core dev; the difference in rooting is completely transperent, even to the compulsive tinkerer. Very few of us are actually developing apps so my X is still better! LOL J/K
    PS iPhone sucks
  • The DX is nice, but it's got a locked bootloader so it can't be rooted to its fullest potential. I have a rooted Incredible and the possibilities are endless. I won't get any Moto phone until they stop locking their bootloaders.
  • you obviously dont know what your talking about the dx can be rooted just like any android phone the locked bootloader just means that more devs will try to work around it... and they have you cannot use just any custom rom because it has to be based off one of motorolas android releases i am running my dx on rooted and deodexed 2.2 ota tranquility if there is one thing that i am jealous of the droid incredible it is that it is preloaded with htc sense which i think is a bit better than motoblur
  • Would you with the evo instead.
  • Would go with the EVO instead.
  • Which is on sprint, an entirely different carrier (it's also not a global device) If someone's already decided on verizon, the Evo would not be an option. If someone decided on the evo, they wouldn't be looking at verizon. The Evo's a great phone, but it's not on Verizon, and it's not global so for a lot of people that means it's not an option. These kind of posts are the equivalent of running through a McDonald's screaming "burger king is better." It doesn't really accomplish anything except to annoy people.
  • I like this comment.
  • I wonder if this means that the Droid X Special Edition has been delayed until Q1 2011 or that it's not really a world phone:
  • hmm I wonder if this is the "official" announcement for the phone.
  • any info on this env pro??
  • Judging by the name, I'm pretty certain it will be Bing'd out. I assume any Verizon phone without the "Droid" moniker will be a prime candidate.
  • what's the difference between the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 Global? I thought they were the same phone?
  • Droid pro is the one looks like a bb, Droid 2 world is updated Droid 2 with more antennas and over clo cked CPU.
  • Oh the enV line is going Android now? Sweet. I had an enV 2 before I went to the Droid 1.