Is This Verizon's Next Android Phone ?

The Saygus Vphone V1 is slated for release as the third Android phone on Verizon. We know--who, what, and where is Saygus? Honestly, we wish we could tell you, we've never heard of the company until now. Saygus will be the third Android phone on Big Red (which is quickly becoming the home for Android devices) and was created through Verizon's own Open Development Program designed to make it easy to deliver Android handsets to Big Red's CDMA Network.

The specs are actually halfway decent and if it does really launch on Verizon, it'll certainly warrant a closer look.

  • 800x480 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 624 MHz Marvell processor (PXA 310)
  • 512 ROM / 256 RAM
  • 5 Megapixel autofocus camera with flash, front facing camera for video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, compass, FM Radio
  • 1500 mAh battery

What do you guys think of the purported third Verizon Android Phone?


Casey Chan
  • errr looks more than a bit like a Droid lol
  • If you look closely.... The application launcher is very very similar to Sense UI
  • Is it 2.0 or 1.6 or 1.5?
  • I thought this was a cheap knock off of the Droid. Though why the heck have the Droid, this and the Calgary as they all have the same form factor? Yes Omar I did notice to bottom looked Sensey
  • hmmm...looks like my droid
  • all verizon wireless smart phones require a data plan.. you can't activate one without it...
  • The same reason why there is the Blackberry Curve, Bold, Tour, Curve2, etc. Some cost less than others. This one looks like it may not require a data plan. But it being Wifi, you never know...
  • why wouldnt it require a data plan, its still an android phone. and isnt that how they allow you to get your cheap phone, they make more off the data plans so they can let you have your rebates.
  • mhmhm the keyboard is preaty nice for me it seem better as the droids keyboard and i hope it is not sense ui or a bad copy of it it would eat al the ressources and slow the phone down
  • Might be exactly what my wife wants if it is cheap and comes out soon.
  • looks like a Droid
  • When is Verizon going to make a Android with dual network capability so I can get rid of this storm!? HEY VERIZON! your parent company uses GSM! and I travel, help a brother out...."do you know what I am saying"
  • You said it. As soon as a quad-band version of the Droid comes to Verizon, I'm there. They apparently are marketing the very thing in Germany even as we speak. BUT there is no way to buy an unlocked unit from Germany and get it to run on Verizon (which I would do if it worked).
  • Front Facing Camera? I've heard that they have planned on using video over existing network infrastructure. Would be cool for a lot of people.
  • Android without a trackball is like a girl with no tits, useless.
  • Why would you need a trackball when you got touchscreen
  • Accuracy when typing/editing and some apps depending on how they were written.
  • What about the HTC Passion? Is that phone still coming out?
  • Wow, talk about a gullible site. Is this post for real? It's not April Fools, is it?
  • DotCom Wireless will offer this phone fully functional without a data plan requirement, and without credit checks,
  • Still waiting on a Verizon phone running Android without a physical keyboard. Anyone have any information when that will be?
  • Tablet Droid coming out early next year.
  • They have the eris out now
  • I really don't think this is going to be a Verizon phone, although their site says they'll be going everywhere including stores. First of all, the company, ODD. The CEO, Chad Sayers, is also president of PSNet Communications. From their website: "PSNet's live wireless streaming two-way mobile technology allows families, individuals, business and medical, military, governmental and security personnel access to high speed data information at low transfer speed rates, thus eliminating the need for high speed networks and network build-out normally required to access rich media." Now look at the site link and notice format, also notice that the product mentioned there the "Nav" won the 2004 CES award for best new software. Also notice the words "eliminating the need for high speed networks." Then go to the Saygus site (notice the exact same format) and also notice that it specifically says Linux software...nothing about Android. Sounds like the exact same thing from 2004. Android hadn't even been announced then even though Android is built on Linux kernel, right? This is the same product both sites have been hawking for some time under different names it would appear, the Nav and the V1.
  • Under this link it mentions the OS is Android...
  • lol looks like a droid with a decent keyboard...droids board sucks. to the guy waiting on an Android phone without a keyboard on verizon....why not just walkin and buy the one they have on the shelf rather than waiting?
  • Damnit, why must they butcher the qwerty keyboard so? Look at ANY real keyboard (or the G1 for that matter) and you'll see that the keys are not lined up in a grid, they're staggered! Anyone who can touch type is used to the normal qwerty layout! And yes, gimme back my trackball. This is just another droid :/
  • Guys! Hello! Are you paying attention? This phone is called the V Phone! The V does NOT stand for Verizon! It stands for video! Man! I can't believe how this site just brushed off the most important features of this phone: Two way video calling and the fact that it can be used as a Wi-Fi router (similar to the Novatel Mifi 2200. Dig this! world's first two-way live video pcda
    The Worlds First Smartphone/PCDA – Personal Communications Data Assistant – Real-Time Video, Internet, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, VMS- Video Messaging Service Smartphone/PDA/Handset Features Offered by the Saygus V Phone™ or V1™ Smartphone/PDA/Handset PIMS (Personal Information Management System) i.e. Day Timer, Calendar, Address Book, Remote Save, etc.
    Media Player
    USB Sync Compatibility to PC
    Voice Recorder
    External Speaker
    Full Color LCD WVGA Touch Screen
    Saygus V Phone - V1™ Hardware/Software Features In Addition to Those Listed Above 2 way video calling
    Android OS (Operating System) Offering Scores of New Applications
    Saygus Propietary Real-Time, Two-Way Mobile Video Calling Software – 24 to 30 Frames Per Second (Movies Standards are 24 FPS)
    512 MB Flash
    256 MB SDRAM
    624 MHz Processor
    CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. A
    USB Host Port (Others have Client Port Only)
    MicroSD Storage up to 16 GB SDHC
    Modem Port (USB Modem Capable)
    WiFi 802.11b/g
    Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
    Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
    Multi Media Player
    GPS – Global Position Satellite System Capable
    Services Available Three-Year Extended Warranty – One Year Manufacturer’s and Two Years Extended Available For One-Time Fee
    Remote Save Capability – Save ANY Information AND Live Video Calls Entered to Remote Servers and Protect Against Data Loss For Monthly Fee
    Insurance – Protect Against Loss, Theft, or Out of Warrantee User Damage For Monthly Fee
    VMS – Video Messaging Service Offering Video Messages Like Text Messaging for $2.99/Mo. Unlimited
    As a hardware device, the V1™ is the first Low Cost, Low Bandwidth, Low Power, High Resolution Full Color OS Two-Way Video Calling Cell Phone offering Streaming Movies, Concerts and TV Episodes. Using the V1 it is possible to be on the phone viewing Real-Time, Two-Way video transmissions, surfing the Internet and tracking your position via GPS simultaneously while sitting, walking or even traveling in a vehicle. Saygus's proprietary data formatting technology makes this possible. Combining the stereo multimedia capabilities with the mobile Internet connection you may watch full-length DVD quality movies from anywhere within wireless range on the screen of the V1™ or play online games at your option. With the computing power and the storage capability, and through the use of unique software, the V1™ can operate a myriad of personal computing functions such as: Personal Calendaring
    Personal Planner
    Personal Phone Directory
    Personal Financial Tracking
    World Time Zones
    World Maps
    Personal Event Alarm
    Notes Database
    Online Games
    Scientific Calculator
    Downloadable Programs that Mirror Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook etc
    The V1™ is the Personal Communications Assistant of the future. It is the first mobile device to combine all of these unique features into one handheld unit. To stay ahead of the competition, our engineers and designers are planning additional features in future models such as increased video decompression speeds, additional memory, more user friendly applications (apps) and faster processing speeds as well as future video communications that may well revolutionize the way the world communicates.
  • Yeah baby...yeah!!! Hurry up I want one!!