Verizon's HTC Merge (aka Lexikon) shows itself, Bing bruises and all

The good news, the Verizon HTC Merge -- also codenamed the Lexikon -- has gone full frontal yet again, with BGR scoring a plethora of shots of what looks to be a more finished device. The model number (ADR6325) and system identifiers are in plain sight, and we now know it's got a 5MP camera.

Oh, but look at what else is there -- Bing. Just like we told you a week ago after ripping down the RUU, Verizon's gone and binged up this phone, which is a big shame since it's a world phone, with a GSM card for working overseas. The good news? This is still and HTC phone, so we fully expect the full force of the hacker nation to focus on it, and hopefully free it of whatever shackles Verizon weighs it down with. More glamor shots at the source. [BGR]

Phil Nickinson
  • So sexay !! lol just wish it had a higher mp on the camera... and that whole bing thing isn't helping anything... What are you thinking VZW ???
  • "$$$"
  • What ever happened to the rumored "Evo Like" non qwerty phone with the 8MP camera and front facing camera?!?!?! That is the phone I'm probably going to hold out for......
  • I will second that! Love my inc but man do I want more screen real estate.
  • Phil, do you have any idea what AT&T's next Android phone is like rumor-wise? Just so ready to get rid of my blackberry but not happy with AT&T's current lineup of Android devices... Backflip, no. Aria, too small for what I want. Charm - cool but I'd like something more like verizon's droid 2 or X, ro Incredible maybe. Captivate - plagued with way too many problems. Anyone have any clue what AT&T's high-end android device will be? no news/rumors yet?
  • AT&T? High-end Android? BAH! You're lucky you got the Captivate. AT&T doesn't want anything taking attention away from their precious iPhone.
  • I know...I'm just too scared to admit it. *sigh*
  • I left AT&T back in March cause I wanted Android, but the Backflip was a frinkin joke!
    So I went to Verizon for the original Motorola Droid. I'm happy.
    If your serious about wanting a high-end Android, then leave AT&T!
  • It's looking that way for me too..
  • Depending on how long you have before you can upgrade, the Xperia X10 could be a good bet. Once it gets 2.1, it'll be a hell of a phone. Unfortunately, AT&T just doesn't have any Android phones at the moment that are preferable to the BB Torch or iPhone.
  • I don't know, very iffy about it right now. First Impressions, the speaker looks toy-ish. G2 looks much better.
  • hate that I'm not a slider person, I want the aria on verizon!
  • The only phone i would choose over my droid x is a motorola phone, with all the same specs as the droid x but with a keyboard and front facing camera. I luv big screens, I also luv moto keyboards
  • The little icon in the upper left corner is enough to make me stay away from this no matter what the specs.
  • So does anybody have any info/guesses on when this phone will be released? Is there a general time frame from when phones are at the FCC to when you can buy them?
  • Nooooooooo WHY HTC? ..WHY?....
    I dont like it with the keyboard......:(
  • good luck your best bet is to drop at&t and go to verizon
  • Looks pretty sexy to me... Why would Verizon release TWO different high-end Android phones with a landscape sliding keyboard and dual-mode CDMA/GSM roaming option tho? I'm talking about this (if the rumors are correct) and the Droid Pro or whatever they end up calling it... Seems a bit redundant, and their Android lineup is already overlapping in several areas. As far as AT&T, I agree... I dumped them for Sprint in May and I couldn't be happier.
  • The main differences are the company (Motorola & HTC) and the UI (vanilla 2.2 FroYo and Sense, respectively). The HTC Merge (I hope that isn't the phone's final brand name!) looks like a Verizon G2. Some people, like myself, love HTC Sense. Others, not so much. So at least there is choice. I have a friend who is still rocking an LG Voyager and his contract is up in January. Maybe this a phone he will get.
  • I'm really liking the look of this phone. And thank goodness they didn't go with the red keyboard. This may very well end up being my first Android phone. I'm holding out for the holiday season to see what's gonna be out there and this really peaked my interest when the rumors first came out. For me, the downside I see from this phone is the rumored hardware (800MHz CPU) and I wish the screen size was slightly larger.
  • I usually do not like sliders like the motodroid, but this looks very well done. I could definitely get used to this phone. It looks incredible.