Verizon's HTC Merge (aka Lexikon) shows itself, Bing bruises and all

The good news, the Verizon HTC Merge -- also codenamed the Lexikon -- has gone full frontal yet again, with BGR scoring a plethora of shots of what looks to be a more finished device. The model number (ADR6325) and system identifiers are in plain sight, and we now know it's got a 5MP camera.

Oh, but look at what else is there -- Bing. Just like we told you a week ago after ripping down the RUU, Verizon's gone and binged up this phone, which is a big shame since it's a world phone, with a GSM card for working overseas. The good news? This is still and HTC phone, so we fully expect the full force of the hacker nation to focus on it, and hopefully free it of whatever shackles Verizon weighs it down with. More glamor shots at the source. [BGR]

Phil Nickinson