Verizon G2

Update fixes some bugs, adds Verizon's Cloud app and issues a Google Security Patch

Verizon and LG are pushing out that LG G2 OTA they spoke of yesterday. The 172MB update brings the software version to VS98012B, and addresses some bugs, forces Verizon's Cloud into your app drawer, and contains a security patch that everyone seems sure will break root. Here's the official changes.

  • Video playback quality has been improved when viewing on websites
  • Dialing *611 will now appear on device screen
  • TalkBack reads each deleted letter when using Messaging Keyboard
  • Backup Assistant Plus resumes syncing after completing a voice call
  • Device lockups have been reduced
  • Viewdini application has been removed
  • Verizon Cloud app is now preloaded
  • Messaging is now supported via QSlide
  • Voice quality has been improved
  • Google Security Patch has been added

Reports of people seeing the update are growing, so there's a good chance it's waiting for you if you jump into the settings and try to fetch it. 

Everyone is discussing — especially the possible root breakage — in the forums. Jump in and have a read!

More: Verizon G2 forums; Verizon (.pdf)

Thanks, Doug!

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