Verizon gold Note 3

Bronze-trimmed Note 3 to be 'available exclusively on Verizon Wireless'

While we haven't spotted anything in the way of an official announcement, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in "rose gold white" has just appeared on Samsung Mobile's U.S. press site with Verizon badging. It's one of the three new Note 3 colors announced by Samsung in December, with the promise that it'd launch "according to each market’s preference." According to Samsung's entry for the device, this bronze-trimmed Note 3 will be exclusive to Verizon.

According to leaked Verizon docs seen by Android Central, you should be able to claim a $100 rebate on this new Note 3 color when it goes on sale. But for the moment it's unclear exactly when the gold Note 3 will land on Verizon — at the time of writing the carrier's site is only showing the black and white versions.

Source: Samsung Mobile U.S. Press