Verizon Motorola Sholes Passes FCC

One of the most anticipated Android phones to date, the Motorola Sholes, just passed through the Notorious FCC. Sadly, the FCC didn't offer us any fresh pictures of the Verizon-bound Android device but knowing that the Sholes is inching closer to launch may placate the wild Big Red subscribers thirsting for Android.

The FCC lets us know that the Sholes will run EVDO Rev A / CDMA and more importantly that it'll be equipped with Wi-Fi. Yeah, we know that Wi-Fi on a mobile device isn't exactly breaking news in 2009 but so many Verizon devices are stripped of Wi-Fi that it's definitely noteworthy in the Sholes' case. Phonearena also suggests that the Motorola Sholes may actually be called the Motorola Tao when it's released (we never really understood the Sholes moniker anyway).

We know you guys are clamoring for this device, so let us know how this bit of news on the Motorola Sholes/Tao makes you feel in the comments!


Casey Chan
  • Good things come to those that wait... I hope.
  • If I had to guess I would say that the Sholes moniker came from Christopher Sholes who invented the first practical typewriter and the QWERTY keyboard.
  • mmm i like the Tao name, i might start calling it that before it's even announced because Sholes is just so terrible. I wonder if motorola is actually finally ending their 4-letter-word name streak. Really excited about this but still crossing my fingers on whether or not verizon will cripple it by disabling the app store or some other such nonsense. Also hoping it comes with the Blur UI despite the fact that it's reportedly a google experience device.
  • Things are looking good
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