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Verizon confirms Droid RAZR goes on sale at 11:11 a.m. 11-11-2011, brings new data plans with it

Verizon's been teasing a Nov. 11 launch for the Motorola Droid RAZR, and this morning it's made it official. And, lining up with the news we broke last week, stores will open at 11:11 a.m. local time. (It's all to celebrate November being the launch month of the original Motorola Droid, they tell us.)

Oh, but there's more. Verizon's celebrating with some limited-edition data plans to go with it, provided you have a 4G LTE-capable smartphone. Starting Nov. 8, if you opt for the 2GB/$30 plan, Verizon will double your data allowance to 4GB. And this applies to new and existing customers. (The latter will need to change their plans online or with a customer service representative.)

Pretty sweet deal from Verizon, which did not say when the promotion will end.

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  • While this is a good deal for new customers, there is no way I'm giving up my unlimited data for $9.99 a month.
  • For the last 6 months VZW has been sending me emails to "upgrade" (which I cannot until Feb 2012), but why would I as last I checked Unlimited > anything else...
  • My wife upgraded on my account a few months ago after they made the data tiers and she was still able to keep the unlimited plan. Go through the upgrade checkout and you should see unlimited data already checked off. Now I do figure they will make everyone go to a tier data plan at some point but for now it seems they are being kind to those that are grandfathered. Oh and that 2GB limit will definitely need to be raised for the $30 club. I used 7.5 GB on mobile and 4 GB on wifi last month between HBO Go and Netflix. I'm out a lot and put it on in the car for my daughter while driving so the data creeps up.
  • I wonder if I can with my xoom. 2gb goes quick!
  • ok Verizon lets talk about Cinderella (Gnex) and not her step sisters (Razr & Rezound) I am saving my glass slipper for her lol...its early in the morning so shot me
  • (The latter will need to change their plans online or with a customer service representative.) The latter should have unlimited, which would superior to anything. Unless Verizon is about to start forcing tiered plans on existing customers but so far that has happened and isn't supposed to...
  • VZ has had existing customers with the 2GB plan (it changed a few months ago), so this deal is great for them.
  • Yup, I'm one of them. I recently moved over to Verizon from Sprint. It sucks that I waited until unlimited was gone, but I just got tired of Sprint at the wrong time I guess. I gave up unlimited, but my max usage while with sprint was like 1.5 gb, so a 2 gb cap didn't bother me. However, if I'm getting an additional 2 gb for free, I'm certainly opting in and worrying even less about going over.
  • "Pretty sweet deal from Verizon, which did not say when the promotion will end." I'll tell you when it SHOULD end. It should end when they bring back unlimited data (kinda like in Europe where data went full circle).
  • Agreed. Fuck Veri$on and AT&T. $30 for unlimited data is expensive, but we all bit the bullet to have a cool smartphone. Now, data prices should be going DOWN, not up. Offer me unlimited LTE for $30 or less and then maybe I'll consider coming back to your overpriced service.
  • Will the new plans be able to be bought with the GNex or Rezound? Or will it just be for the Razor to get more buys?
  • They are going to have to continue revamp their data plans forever. As time goes on more and more content is being streamed. Also, this doesn't make their plan a good deal by any means. It is still expensive.
  • This whole 11 thing is corny as hell.
  • Yeah. If I was interested I'd be angry I couldn't buy until 11:11AM (I bet most stores will sell at open though)
  • Upgrading customers currently on Unlimited plans are supposed to be able to keep their unlimited Smartphone plans. Even if upgrading to 4G. That's what I though, at least.
  • Your Unlimited plan will be grandfathered over without any loss whatsoever. Besides... if Big Red were to change your plan from Unlimited to Tiered without your consent, it would be a breach of contract (remember what happened to Cingular when they tried that?).
  • I would not be surprised if the day comes when you cannot upgrade your phone without changing plans though. Then they do not risk the breach of contract while at the same time pretty much getting everyone to switch or stay on a phone that gets older and older. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but it will not surprise me the day if/when it happens.
  • Pretty cool for those of you without data or stuck with the 2gb cap. Question is once you get on the 4gb train are you grandfathered on that?
  • yes you keep the plan for however long you plan on keeping that feature.
  • double post
  • Wow, great, 4GB for $30. Now sell 2GB for $15 (or even $20) and I might consider another contract with Verizon. As it is, I will never be signing another smartphone contract with them, this is tantamount to price gouging. When Wal*Mart is offering a contract-free smartphone for less than $200 AND monthly rates for unlimited usage at $45, why the **** is my Verizon bill like $150 for two smartphones that I paid more for AND signed a contract for?
  • Yeah but what kind or phone are you getting? It ain't a RAZR.
  • Stuff like the Optimus V/T/S/U/C. That's a decent phone. Of course, it could be Huwei crap...
  • Indeed! With the proliferation of 4G, they really ought to consider doubling ALL their data plans for the same price ($30/4GB, $50/10, and maybe make $80/25GB), and add a lower 2GB plan for $15-20. While this isn't as good as unlimited, it's at least a halfway decent compromise considering the fact that their bandwidth is somewhat more limited than the ridiculous amount of space home broadband companies have to work with. Also Walmart's phone selection for $45 is pretty shoddy (for smartphones). My guess is that all of the higher end phones will remain contract for near future...
  • Will this 4GB plan also apply for Business plans? Would be nice if it does so I can contact my rep to change my 4G plan.
  • yes it applies for business and consumer, they are also doubling the 5gb and the 10gb if you subscribe to those.
  • I went back to VZW 3 months ago, and had to go with the 2gb plan. I have a Bionic, Inc2, and a Droid Pro on my family account. Does this mean that I can increase each line to 4gb with no price increase?
  • yes you can, it is available for existing customers, but only with 4G LTE phones. Just visit a store, and they can change the feature for you.
  • Or call, or use the website.
  • OK, so I'm one of those "existing" customers who is on the 2GB plan right now. If I take advantage of the change from 2GB to 4GB, does that mean I'm signing a new 2 year contract that starts when the plan changes?
  • This stays like this forever? I've been on Verizon for four yrs. Or is it a limited offer? Will it work with the nexus galaxy this month? Thanks