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Verizon cancels sales of the LG Watch Sport

Verizon users who were looking forward to talking to family member through their wrists — a la Inspector Gadget — you're out of a luck. Verizon has cancelled the sale of the LTE-connected LG Watch Sport, in addition to pre-orders, and this is after the smartwatch had already experienced a significant delay.

From Verizon (opens in new tab):

The LG Watch Sport has been cancelled and we are offering anyone who pre-ordered it $100 off a connected smartwatch of their choice.

The cancellation of the sale of the Watch Sport seems especially coincidental if you consider the fact that Verizon's own LTE-connected Wear24 (opens in new tab) went on sale just last week. The Verizon-compatible watch option for the Watch Sport has also been removed from LG's website (opens in new tab).

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  • Will LG be offering them as Happy Meal toys instead? They certainly match the aesthetic.
  • I think it looks pretty good by active watch standards. But then, I wear a Pebble Time, so you should probably take my opinion with a huge grain of salt.
  • What? Verizon does something incredibly crappy for the sake of making a couple extra bucks off a population either gullible enough to pay it's ransom or unfortunate enough to need it in the 3 remote places where it's actually better? *GASP* I guess I'll have to continue to not get ripped off on my monthly bill or support the company that should be winning the worst company of the year award tied with Comcast! Bummer!
  • Lol, someone who derives a sense if superiority from what mobile carrier they choose must live the saddest life.
  • As opposed to one who derives satisfaction from overpaying for marketing hype and feeding into this market manipulating monster?
  • You're so edgy and cool...I wanna be just like you...
  • It's a lot of work, sit-ups and PLENTY of juice, but I believe you can be!
  • This is really crappy, as I've been waiting and delayed 3 times already since ordering back in February. Even worse, I'm seeing this article before I've received any communication from Verizon. Really pissed!
  • You and me both!
  • I'm with you guys. Andrew gave it a glowing review and I said what the heck, I'll try AW again. Yeah, that ain't happening now. COME ON VZW where are the gear s3s?!!!!
  • So they delayed this AND the Gear S3 for their watch? What a bunch of bull.
  • They're doing Android fans a huge $350 favor. Android Wear has been horrible since the late March update. See help forum here...!category-topic/android-wear/LeQ... Those comments generally mirror my own. Anyone looking to inve$t in a smartwatch should look to Tizen first, iWatch or even pebble... At least those manfacturers dont completely pull the plug on older devices. As shocking as it may be for me to say that... AFIAK pebble watches, despite being obsoleted, still at least function. Thats more than I can say about my experiences with AW.
  • The Gear S2 Classic is exactly what I wanted in a smart watch. If they can make the Gear S4 in between the S3 and S2 in size I'll definitely be upgrading.
  • Been great for me on AW2 on OG Huawei Watch.
  • How's the battery life on your first gen Huawei Watch? I'm thinking of grabbing a used one to test out AW2.0.
  • Tizen has been absolutely ruined by Samsung. Literally the "worst code ever seen" by some highly respected independent software security researchers. Not only is a tizen watch a nightmare filled with back doors, it makes any phone with the Gear Manager app suspect as well.
  • That may be true, but at least it works, right?... I mean the sole reason to buy one of these things is to get notifications, of it cant do that then its a waste. Despite what theyre saying about Tizen, its still Way better supported than AW.... based on what I've seen and experienced.
  • Well, even if it were like that, Samsung and the developers of Tizen should still clean it up.
  • How are they going to hack my Gear Fit 2 when Gear is now in a Protected KNOX environment since the last update?
  • I don't know about that. I really liked my LG Watch Urbane and since the AW 2.0 update its been exceptional. The battery life improved a lot, though it took a couple of weeks and two resets. The on-screen keyboard works well, the scrolling menus are so much more efficient... I haven't had any real issues at all. Except for one specific watchface that keeps disappearing.
  • I'm loving my Huawei Watch on Android Wear 2.0! I have a Gear S2 and it's pretty good, but not as nice as the AW 2.0 interface. Plus the Huawei Watch gets MUCH better battery life and notifications work better.
  • Or. Get a Garmin. Weeks or a month of battery life. Smart notifications.
  • I'll stick with my Gear S2.
  • Out of curiosity, why is everyone assuming this is Verizon decision. LG has also pulled the VZW edition of this watch from their own site. It might be VZW, but until there is more information the comments here are simply assumptions. Maybe, LG is the culprit.
  • I'm guessing because Verizon just launched their own watch that's basically​ the same.
  • Even Verizon's watch was supposed to come out in March but that didn't happen. It was even delayed. And Verizon's watch can't even use Android Pay despite having NFC. It doesn't have a heart rate monitor either. The watch sport does more than Verizon's. It definitely isn't the same.
  • It's not even close to being the same. No GPS and no Android Pay. No thanks.
  • It may be because the watch can't be bought anywhere. It's sold out basically everywhere and has been like that since it's been out. Maybe Verizon for tired of waiting.
  • Hahahaha it's not sold out. There are DOZENS of them at my local Best Buy for $199 (WiFi version).
  • Uh... The watch sport is sold out. I made sure of that before I posted that comment. And WiFi version? The watch style??
  • They assume it because it's popular to bash Verizon
  • I'm not bashing verizon, I'm bashing AW. Based on my experiences, IMHO Verizon is doing everyone a favor by not selling it.
  • It's out at AT&T for $49.99 w/ a 2YR if you buy a G6 which is also 50% off, so only $320 when you any variant of Next. I think that's a good deal, plus AT&T will have 5G or LTE-A Super Duper or WTF you wanna call it when VZW can't even offer speeds over 60mbps as the network is so old.