We've seen companies push the boundaries in size when it comes to TVs over the recent years, but projectors have always been able to go bigger. Sometimes, you sacrificed some quality for the size, and they weren't ideal for everyone because of space constraints. Short throw projectors help solve the space concerns, and VAVA's latest 4K UHD Laser TV Projector aims to solve the issue of quality. While on the pricey side with a list price of $2,700, you can currently save $100 with coupon code LASERTV4.

Little distance needed

VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector

You don't need a ton of space to turn any wall into a projection screen. Just a few inches back and this short throw 4K projector can display up to 150 inches of your favorite shows.

With coupon: LASERTV4

Whether you have a ton of space or just a little, this ultra short throw projector is an incredible option to consider. Setting it back just a few inches from the wall will allow you display an image up to 150 inches in size. It offers cinematic HDR10 details with its 4K output, uses the same ALPD 3.0 technology that's used in movie theaters across the world, and much more.

It's powered by an industrial-grade lamp that offers up to 25,000 hours of life, meaning you can use it for four hours a day for the next 17 years without worrying about the bulb. Inside it has an integrated Harman Kardon soundbar with two 30W drivers, dts-HD, and Dolby Audio.

These features make the 4k laser projector great for watching movies with the family, sports with some friends, or even just the morning news. This was originally launched as an Indiegogo campaign in which it was fully-funded in just 22 minutes and ended up pulling in over $2 million from backers.

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