V-Moda BassFit review: The Jaybird alternative you've been waiting for

V-Moda BassFit review

Jaybird has emerged as the go-to brand for workout earbuds in recent years, with the company offering a range of products in this category. V-Moda is now looking to provide an alternative with the BassFit, its first workout-focused earbuds. Like most Jaybird models, the BassFit comes with a durable chassis that's immune to the elements, and a lightweight design coupled with decent sound quality.

The Good

  • Snug fit with TriFit design
  • Lightweight construction
  • AptX for great sound quality
  • Fast charge
  • Sweat and weather resistant

The Bad

  • Charges over Micro-USB
  • No way to change EQ settings
  • No IP rating

The differentiating feature with the BassFit is the TriFit design, which ensures you get a snug fit even during intense workouts. V-Moda provides a variety of attachments along with the earbuds, including a pair of ear hooks that go over your ear, and sport fins that are designed to match the contours of your inner ear.

You can wear the BassFit with just the sport fins, the ear hooks, or use a combination of both for a tight fit. You get three sizes of sport fins, and the hooks are flexible and can be adjusted to fit around your ear. I personally found that the ear hooks provided a secure fit on their own, so I had no need for the sport fins.

The sheer number of attachments ensure you get a snug fit regardless of the contours of your ears.

V-Moda also bundles four sizes of eartips — from XS to L — and they offer a decent amount of noise isolation. They're not quite as comfortable as the Comply tips I use with my Jaybird X3, but the soft silicone buds provide a tight seal nevertheless.

As for the design itself, the BassFit comes in two color options — a white variant with grey fins, and a black version with orange accents. The tangle-free cable loops around your neck, and you also get a cinch to adjust the length of the cable. Like most workout earbuds, the BassFit is resistant to sweat and humidity, and while there's a two-layer nanocoating for added durability against the elements, you miss out on an IP rating.

The ends of the earbuds have magnetic connectors that snap together when they come into contact — much like OnePlus' Bullets Wireless — but they don't affect music playback. There's an in-line three-button remote with a mic, volume and music playback controls, and you can also invoke Google Assistant by pressing the volume up and action buttons.

As the name suggests, the BassFit delivers an impressive amount of bass for its size, and the overall audio quality is on par with other products in this space. You also get the AptX codec for high-fidelity streaming, but the main drawback is the lack of adjustable EQ settings.

I averaged just over ten hours' worth of battery life from a full charge, and the BassFit offers a fast charge feature that delivers 2.5 hours of music playback with just a 15-minute charge. A full charge takes just over two hours, and while the battery life is more than adequate, my main quibble in this area has to do with the fact that the earbuds charge over Micro-USB. A USB-C charging option would've made the BassFit that much more alluring.

V-Moda BassFit Bottom line

V-Moda BassFit review

With the BassFit, V-Moda has created a pair of workout earbuds that stand up to the likes of what Jaybird offers in this segment. The 10-hour battery life ensures you only need to charge the earbuds once a week, and the lightweight design combined with the sweat-resistant chassis makes it ideal for runners or during strenuous workouts.

The audio quality is also one of the best you'll find in this category, but what makes the BassFit truly stand out is the TriFit design. I routinely have fit issues with earbuds designed for workouts, but that just wasn't the case with the BassFit. If you're looking for an alternative to what Jaybird offers in this category, look no further.

4 out of 5

With a variety of attachments designed to provide a secure fit, AptX for better audio quality, and a weather-resistant design, the BassFit has a lot going for it. I would've liked to see more granular controls to adjust the sound profile and USB-C charging, but for a first effort, the BassFit gets a lot right.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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