LG G3 one-handed operation

LG makes it easier to use certain parts of the G3 with just one hand

Despite doing an incredible job once again packing a large display into a form factor that wouldn't usually befit it, the LG G3 is a large phone. 5.5-inches isn't small no matter how large your hands are and to help make one-handed use a little easier LG has included a set of options for using the phone in this way. It isn't as extreme as Samsung's efforts on the Galaxy S5 in this area, but LG has covered off three of the main areas.

Here's how you activate them, and how they'll work for you.

Activating one-handed operation

LG G3 one-handed operation

Head into the settings menu and you'll find "One-handed operation" under the Device heading about half way down. Open that up and you'll see three options with check boxes. It's limited, but it covers three of the more likely required features for using your phone with one hand: unlocking with a PIN, typing and dialling a phone number.

Make sure the relevant check boxes are ticked and you're good to go.

What it does

LG G3 one-handed operationLG G3 one-handed operation

Essentially one-handed operation left or right aligns the PIN pad, keyboard and dialling pad based on your selections – in other words which hand you're holding it in. You're given arrows to change the location on the screen which when tapped will move whichever of the three to the other side of the display.

Shrinking down the PIN entry pad or the dialling pad doesn't really make much difference to how accurate you'll be with your key presses. The numbers are still plenty large enough, but importantly they are now very much within reach with one hand.

The keyboard is a similar story in terms of reach but it will take a little getting used to typing on. The keys are much smaller and it's actually now like typing on an iPhone keyboard on that giant display. Again, you'll have no issues hitting the keys, but hitting the right keys might take a little more effort.

That's really all there is to it. No shrinking the whole display like Samsung, just three carefully chosen options to help you out in those times you really only have one hand available.

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