Updated G1 looks like one sexy slider

Less than a week after we learned of the existence of the G1 v2 "Bigfoot," the just-as-mysterious Boy Genius manages to snag himself a pic of the device. And it's looking like this could be one sexy slider.

It's still pretty much in line with what we originally saw in that leaked HTC roadmap back in January, with the emergence of the "Memphis." We're looking at a possible October launch, at which time the original G1 would reach end-of-life. The updated phone would go for about $150 with a two-year deal with T-Mobile. Why, that's less than an iPhone, just as the initial 2-year contracts are up! (he writes with a wink)

So, all you fence-sitters out there (and we know who you are): Is a more up-to-date slider going to get you to move to Android?

  • YES! Finally! This is what the original G1 should have looked like. I would have been on board from the launch of Android. I just can't deal with an ugly phone (g1)... Now can't wait to hear those battery life specs... :-\
  • I kinda don't lik it. I lik how the g1 slides up, this 1 just looks lik evry other fone, the original g1 was unique.