Until You Fall is getting a free content update in March

Until You Fall Launch Hero
Until You Fall Launch Hero (Image credit: Schell Games)

What you need to know

  • This will update the game to version 1.3.
  • The update will introduce three new weapons, new quality of life upgrades, and bug fixes.
  • All new content will be immediately available to players who've already completed the game.

Schell Games revealed a free content update for Until You Fall that's set to introduce bug fixes and quality of life upgrades alongside new weapons for the game. Currently slated to release for all platforms where you can buy Until You Fall, this will be the first new content update the game since version 1.1 launched in October 2020.

The three new one-handed weapons coming to the acclaimed VR hack-and-slash include the Cold Iron Greataxe, Captain's Warhammer, and Fate's End. These three new weapons will be unlockable as players progress through the story. Players who've already beaten the game will be able to forge them right away, however.

Until You Fall March 2022 Weapons

Source: Schell Games (Image credit: Source: Schell Games)

The update will also add newly localized subtitles for nine different languages. Starting in 1.3, the game's default master volume will be lowered and players will also be able to enable smooth turning for a more immersive experience. It also promises to fix various bugs, including one that's caused players' screens to go completely black.

Until You Fall Version 1.3 launches for free on March 17. If you're interested in Until You Fall, check out our review or pick it up on the VR storefront of your choice for $25. You might also want something to make playing on your Quest 2 more comfortable, because this game will keep you playing for hours on end.

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