Just take a gander at this G1 Android Dev Phone 1 available from Google for $399, SIM / hardware unlocked! Ain't she a beauty? As a matter of fact, it IS an unlocked G1 sold exclusively to Android developers and includes a system image that's fully compatible with Android 1.0 and accepts any SIM card - that's right, developers are not beholden to T-Mo for this baby to work.

Developers can use this phone to flash custom Android builds that work with the unlocked bootloader. Now here's an interesting tidbit - to get one, you must register as an Android developer at the Android Market site for a one-time setup fee of $25. Then, just click "Purchase" and for merely $399 (free shipping in U.S.), you will be the proud owner of an unlocked Android Dev Phone 1 with a customized rear end. It will also be ready soon to ship to 18 international markets. Who's going to get one?

[Thanks, Bla1ze! via engadget]