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Providers have to give you a month's notice, but you can still leave under new guidelines

Score one for UK consumers, as Ofcom the UK communications industry regulator has stepped in and declared that anyone hit by a mid-contract price hike should be allowed to leave. The new guidelines come into effect tomorrow, January 23. 

From tomorrow, consumers and small businesses taking out new landline, broadband or mobile contracts should be allowed to exit them without penalty if their provider increases the monthly subscription price agreed at the point of sale. This follows an Ofcom review into the fairness of contract price terms. This found that many consumers, in particular, were caught unawares by price rises in what they believed to be fixed price contracts.

A few of the UK carriers have implemented price increases in recent times, and while the monthly increases were small, we weren't given a choice over whether or not we were happy to pay. Sadly, it only applies to contracts taken out from tomorrow, so for those of us still signed in to one, we're stuck for the time being. But at least things are starting to swing back in our favor a little. 

To read the new guidelines in full, hit up the source link below. 

Source: Ofcom