Twitter still down? It's not just you

Yeah, Twitter's been borked for many of you for a good bit of the day -- or longer. We've heard you, especially those of you using HTC's Peep or Friendstream clients (found in HTC Sense). We just kept holding out hope that it would be one of those hour-long outages. Then it became a three-hour-long outage. Then we went and got dinner. A couple glasses of wine. A little dessert. Still no Twitter. So here's what's up, in slightly more than 140 characters:

According to Twitter's status page, some mobile clients are unable to log in they include:

  • HTC Peep
  • Moto BLUR
  • Nokia Twitter apps
  • Samsung devices (except for phones running Android OS)
  • Huawei phones

For its part, HTC has said "We know that Peep/Friend Stream are not working for some, and we apologize. Please bear with us while our developers are investigating."

As to when things will be fixed? Couldn't tell you. In the meantime, feel free to suggest your favorite (working) Twitter client in the comments. We know how you love to do that. [Twitter]

Update: Twitter says everything's better now.

Phil Nickinson
  • Official Twitter client from the App Market on a non-rooted Droid X here and it works fine for me.
  • I have probably tried eight or so Twitter apps, and Touiteur is by far my favorite.
  • My guess is it's apps using basic authentication:
    Tweetdeck upgrade announcement
  • By any chance would this effect Hotmail. I have been getting error messages all night stating unable to send. It has worked for 5 months without issues.
  • "philblur" on my droid x works great still.
  • Tweetdeck is working for me. I have all but abandoned the official Facebook and Twitter app. Foursquare isn't quite there yet in Tweetdeck though....
  • HTC should be ashamed of themselves. It's because they never updated Peep for OAuth. Twitter gave developers PLENTY of notice. And when HTC says "some" they mean all.
  • My Feed and Updates widget on my Vibrant still work and so does Tweetdeck, which is what I'm currently using.
  • Seesmic/Tweetdeck combo work for me. I HURRY UP HTC!
  • Hootsuite works (on ipod Touch) Twitterific does not work (on ipod Touch) I was wondering if it was a oAuth problem or something. Even my Tweetie desktop app had trouble posting tweets today and gave me errors about signing in or something. Hootsuite mobile app and website have been working for me.
  • Twidroyd works fine on my Evo.
  • Touiteur on my EVO!
  • Twitter for Android is working fine on my Nexus....and fine on my desktop!
  • OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!! Twitter Tweet down? Civilization as we know it will fall. People will be forced to <<>> actually go out and meet face to face to talk to each other, make actual HUMAN contact. END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! NOT!
  • Tweetdeck for Android beta is awesome. way better than friends stream although i wish there was a widget
  • yup. agree with you there.
  • No problems with @twicca
  • official twiiter app, twitdroid, tweetdeck, tweetcaster, or Touiteur ???
  • I have a droid 2 with blur and i havent had any problems
  • Tweetdeck for Android is working great on my incredible. I have almost completely abandoned Facebook and Twitter Android apps.
  • This has nothing to do with twitter itself. Its for clients that have been using the lazy, and insecure, man's method of logging into twitter that is the issue. And BTW Twitter warned developers 8 months ago that they were killing basic login, but obviously MANY developers didn't care to heed Twitter's warning. This includes HTC themselves BTW. Everyone should have moved to OAuth months ago.
  • Posted on Twitter Status page:
    [QUOTE]Users using certain Twitter clients are unable to Log in. These clients include - HTC Peep - Moto BLUR - Nokia Twitter apps - Samsung devices (except for phones running Android OS) - Huawei phones We are working to resolve this issue. Update at 7:30PM: This issue has been resolved.[/QUOTE]
  • Although Twitter says it's fixed I still can't log on using Peep whereas I have no issues with TweetDeck, Seesmic, official Twitter app or Twidroyd on my Incredible. #HTC #Fail
  • I have an HTC Desire. Twitter works if I download another twitter app. Using tweetcast for now, kinda like it. Peep doesnt work nor does freindstream since it syncs with peep. HTC says its twitters problem to fix and twitter says they have been telling everybody things were changing for a while now. Hope they can get on the same page and get it to work again. So now I have all these dam twitter and facebook apps taking up the small amount of space I have till I get 2.2 and can store stuff on my card
  • Peeps and Friendster is still NOT working on my DInc.
  • Peeps still not working on my EVO. This sucks...
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