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Twitter launches tweet translations for mobile apps and web

Twitter has announced today that it has enabled tweet translation, powered by Bing, on both its official Android app, as well as on the web. The feature was previously available on TweetDeck, and has been tested off and on for a while now.

Twitter made the announcement, fittingly, via a Tweet earlier today:

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You can follow the link in the tweet (or by clicking here) to get more information about how the translation works. However, it is very simple to operate. All you have to do when you see a tweet in another language is click the globe icon within the tweet and Twitter will take care of the rest.

As of its launch, Twitter's translation feature supports translation for more than 40 languages. If for some reason you decide you'd rather not have the option (though why wouldn't you?) you can easily disable the feature from your account settings.

Source: Twitter

  • Really hope Twitter embraces Material Design. I have no problems with their design now, but I'd love to see it unified with other Android apps. Posted via the Nexus 5
  • This has been available for ages on Windows Phone and I can say it's pretty useful. It's also pretty hilarious. Now, if they brought the Dark Theme from WP too...that'd be the deal.
  • Turned off. I don't support Bing.
  • Screw Bing
  • Nice Posted via the Android Central App
  • They've had this several months ago but removed it. I guess they were still testing it? Posted via Android Central App
  • Because selecting text and copy pasting is a dying thing, in this app centric world :( Posted via Android Central App