Tweetdeck for Android

Tweetdeck for Android got a sizable update today, but the developers are releasing it as a test beta to ensure that all bugs are worked out before updating in the Market.

Users can download the update on top of the app found in the Market. This means that there is no uninstall required, though they recommend it if you're having issues.

Among the updates are:

  • Landscape mode for all update detail views
  • Twitpic support
  • Manual shortening
  • Allow for dismissing Places notifications
  • Fix faving tweets on 3G in France
  • Allow old style RTs for protected users
  • Support FB Single Sign On
  • Allow users to delete DMs that are sent to them
  • Likes and comments on FB photos should stay in app
  • Bug fixes

To download the test beta APK, click here.

For those who have been waiting on these updates, go try out the beta now (Tweetdeck is looking for feedback as well, so if you find any bugs make sure to report them) [Tweetdeck]