TweetDeck for Android updated to v1.0.7 -- Includes support and bug fixes

Are you a TweetDeck user who finds yourself talking just a little too much for that limited 140 character count on Twitter? It's OK; don't take my harsh words above to heart. TweetDeck knows you're not the only out there doing it and as such, have introduced their latest addition to TweetDeck. v1.0.7 is now available in the Android Market and includes support for the new service that allows you to talk right through that character limit. A few other changes were included with the latest release as well, mostly bug fixes but hey that's always a good thing. If you're a TweetDeck user be sure to grab the latest. Download can be found after the break. [TweetDeck]

  • Any idea what the bug fixes are? I love Tweetdeck, but for some reason my twitter feed will have hours of missing tweets even when I have that column set to refresh every 15 minutes. This caused me to go back to Tweetcaster even though I prefer Tweetdeck for everything else. Hoping that issue gets fixed so I can come back!
  • Does not look like your problem was fixed, but there were a lot of improvements:
  • is awesome especially if you're using TweetDeck Chrome or the android app, totally seamless!
  • Does anyone know if this still sucks down the battery life? I tried this during the beta phase but it was killing my battery so I un-installed.
  • It's gotten better but I find it varies from device to device.