TuneIn Radio

(Plus, Android Central is all up in here!)

We've long been fans of TuneIn Radio as an Internet radio app, and some 50 million monthly active users agree. Today the app has received a major update that not only freshens its look — it's now easier than ever to explore and listen to new content, and to help others do so as well.

For starters, you can now create your own customizable profile. That'll let your friends follow you and see what you're listening to on TuneIn. You can sign in with Facebook, which is nice, but we'd also love to be able to do so using our Google account. From there, you can "Echo" what you're listening to through your various social networks.

Meanwhile, there's the new Feed, which shows what's going on with your favorite TuneIn stations and shows — or just use the Explore feature to drill down through the different categories. And, as always, TuneIn remains an excellent way to keep up with your local radio stations that also have online streams. (That's still one of our favorite uses for the app.)

The visual update is largely a good thing, though we'd love to see a dark version, and it's a little forced on tablets.

And if you're looking to keep up on the latest edition of the Android Central Podcast, you'll find us in TuneIn as well. More on that later this week. For now, be sure to snag the update.