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Try on jeans, get a 'free' phone

We're going to suspend disbelief here for a moment and imagine that some of you have girlfriends, and that these girlfriends on occasion shop at a store called Wet Seal, which apparently sells "cute teen clothing." (Note to self: Don't ever let your daughters grow up.)

Anyhoo, they might soon be asking about a promotion in which they can get a free Android smartphone for trying on a pair of jeans (and they'll likely be wondering where you're hiding the camera).

Here's the deal: Yeah, they (or you) can get a "free" phone in exchange for trying on jeans. It's free insofar as you still have to sign up for a two-year voice/data plan. So if that's a good deal for you, then go for it. But remember, free ain't quite "free."

Sources: Wet Seal, press release

  • ...but which phone(s)?
  • So much for my "Local Wet Seal Store": "0 Wet Seal store(s) found within 100 miles of..." Can't say I'm surprized; I've never heard of the establishment.
  • "We're going to suspend disbelief here for a moment and imagine that some of you have girlfriends"
    Ha ha ha made me laugh out loud no joke... I'm married and she's a non geek when I run into people they're like... how'd ya'll meet? LOL
  • Hahahaha I thought that was hilarious. True, but still hilarious.
  • Screw the phone. Can I get that chick instead? I'll even try on a bikini if I have to.
  • I'm a guy. Can I try on jeans, find they don't fit, and still get my "free" phone?
  • Sure - if you're here in Los Angeles... I saw a guy yesterday with breasts - no joke. I'm sure they wouldn't even look at you funny for it.
  • Do the jeans have to fit? Define "try".
  • Jeans don't fit? There's an App for that!
  • Which phones/carriers? Wet seal here we come.
  • Umm...yeah, my daughter can never see this. (clears history)
  • That is the strangest promotion I've ever heard of. And I thoroughly enjoy Phil's observations on it. As others have said, I've never even heard of Wet Seal.
  • I want to hit that women in the picture. It creeps me out.
  • you mean "hit it with" that woman in the picture right? Otherwise your desire to randomly hit Alicia Keys is kind of creepier.
  • Thats definitely not Alicia Keys
  • Um, back to reality where we have no girlfriends because strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, what if I were to try on the jeans myself? Will they not let me because I am a man? If so, it's discrimination and I will win enough money to buy an even better phone and land a gold digging hot girlfriend.
  • I'm guessing I'm the only female on Android Central.....
  • Well hi there, I am Eric, I am a Gemini who enjoys long walks on the beach....
  • LMFAO!!
  • LOL Hey... what's you # babe lulz
  • no, you're not... (but I don't think those jeans would work for me, even if one of those stores was near me. And I already have a contract. Out of luck)
  • American Eagle did a thing a few months back if you bought a American Eagle Tee or Jeans they'd give you a free smart phone of your picking.
  • Don't worry. their free phone is the motorola backflip. the android phone from hell. :) just kidding. that aside, it seems like a pretty stupid promotion when you can get almost any phone for free nowadays with a 2 year contract. Just go to the right store and you'll get the deal you want.
  • I'm not sure what i'm supposed to thing with that facial expression that girl is making in the ad. I don't "get it", maybe to get a guy's attention so they tell their girlfriends/wives?
  • What about "suspending your belief" to the fact that some of your readers may also even be young girls/women who actually shop at wet seal? Here's a market-shock for you: I'm one of them. I read AC everyday, but I'm also a college girl who likes to shop. Go figure. I'm almost offended by your thought that the only people who read or care about android news are geeky-guys who may have girlfriends. A lot more demographics are interested in android then that. And at least wet seal has figured that out. Maybe you should take a lesson.
  • Totally agree with you. I was offended by that also.
  • Can people not take jokes?... I'm a girl too but I have yet to see what I am supposed to get offended about...
  • I'm a girl who shops at Wet Seal & i thought the intro was hilarious!!!! I swear people nowadays are offended by everything...SMH
  • "And with over twenty smartphones to chose from, Wet Seal customers are also sure to find the perfect Android-powered device to fit their lifestyle."
  • awesome, they have one here in Burbank,CA!! we have an upgrade available wonder if it works for upgrades or if it has to be a new line?... EDIT:
    I also like how they only have a iOS app but are giving away Android phones :P
  • Trolling mall at Wetseal soon for this.
  • Trolling mall at Wetseal soon for this.
  • >"It's free insofar as you still have to sign up for a two-year voice/data plan." Exactly. Another gross misuse of the word "Free". There is nothing Free about the phone, it is just no down payment.
  • since when do you have to be a girl!?! I don't give a **** I'll go in and try on jeans right now lol
  • since when do you have to be a girl!?! I don't give a **** I'll go in and try on jeans right now lol
  • Gap does this every few months or so as well.
  • So they're basically having a "deal" that anyone else can get and not try on jeans? Doesn't every major carrier offer a free phone these days? :p