TP-Link commits to Wi-Fi 6E with a full range of new routers and adapters

Tp Link Archer AXE200 Omni
Tp Link Archer AXE200 Omni (Image credit: TP-Link)

What you need to know

  • TP-Link has revealed several new Wi-Fi 6E devices with three new Archer routers, two Decos, a range extender, and two adapters.
  • The Archer AXE11000 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router with mechanical rotating antennas that adjust to ensure optimal coverage and performance.
  • Cheaper Wi-Fi 6E routers are also available as well as a couple of Wi-Fi 6E Deco models.
  • TP-Link has also revealed two new Wi-Fi 6 adapters with a USB model and a PCIe Wi-Fi 6E version.

TP-Link has been hard at work preparing an array of new Wi-Fi 6E routers to take advantage of the vast wireless real estate available at 6GHz. TP-Link has several new models including some ultra-fast Archer routers as well as a couple of high-speed Deco mesh routers. TP-Link is also helping customers make the most of their new routers with a PCIe adapter for PCs supporting Wi-Fi 6E and a Wi-Fi 6 USB adapter.

TP-Link's Archer AXE200 Omni router comes equipped with a tri-band AXE11000 Wi-Fi 6E connection that delivers top speeds to both 5GHz and 6GHz devices. This router also has a 10Gb and a 2.5Gb Ethernet port to allow for multi-gig connections. The Omni gets its name from its four mechanically rotating antennas that can adjust to make sure you have an optimized connection for your wireless devices no matter your home's layout.

Tp Link Archer AXE300 Ces

Source: TP-Link (Image credit: Source: TP-Link)

TP-Link has also announced its first quad-band router with the Archer AXE300. This AXE16000 router keeps the two 5GHz bands of ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 routers and adds a 6GHz band to deliver incredible speeds to newer devices that support Wi-Fi 6E. This router also has dual 10Gb ports for fast home network performance.

TP-Link also has a more affordable Wi-Fi 6E router with the Archer AXE75 tri-band router offering an AXE5400 connection and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for those that don't need the capacity of a more expensive router. The AXE75 continues TP-Link's trend of creating some of the best Wi-Fi 6 mesh system with a focus on delivering value.

Tp Link Deco Axe75 Ces

Source: TP-Link (Image credit: Source: TP-Link)

Deco, TP-Link's mesh brand, also got some updates with the Deco XE200 offering a tri-band AXE11000 Wi-Fi 6E connection as well as a 10Gb port. The Deco XE75 is a smaller and more affordable model with an AXE5400 Wi-Fi 6E connection.

A couple of new adapters have also been announced to help people make the most of their new Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E Wi-Fi routers. The Archer TXE75E is an AXE5400 Wi-Fi 6E adapter for PCs with a PCIe connection and external antenna. TP-Link has also made an AX1800 USB adapter. Finally, TP-Link has created a Wi-Fi 6E range extender with the RE815XE with an AXE5400 connection for those that need a bit more coverage but don't want to give up 6GHz capacity.

Deco also got some other updates with an outdoor Deco X50 model, one that works with POE, one with powerline connectivity, and one with a 5G connection. These are all AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers and can be integrated into an existing Deco mesh. Deco has also released an updated AX3000 Deco with the Deco X55 bringing along TP-Link's AI-Driven mesh tech as we saw in the Deco X90 we looked at in 2021.

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