Today is iPhone 5 day...

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past week (and honestly, we wouldn't blame you if you had been), you may have noticed the immiment arrival of that other phone from that other company.

That's right, Apple's iPhone 5 lands today, and Apple Stores across the world played host to the familiar sight of thousands queuing outside in hope of snagging one on launch day.

If you're a cross-platform mobile fan, or you'd just like to chuckle at Apple followers exposing themselves to the elements in order to buy a telephone, then you'll find all the iPhone launch day coverage you could want at our sister site

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Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Argh! A ghost!
  • Quick! Somebody get a vacuum!
  • Ahahahaa you guys Crack me up! I love the Community we have here at AC. - )
  • Who ya' gonna call? ;)
  • Not just any vacuum… a Samsung vacuum! :P
  • It should be interesting. Especially for those folks who need a map and navigation app to go home after they got their new iPhone.
  • These are hilarious and being updated all the time!
  • Everyone is making a big deal over it, most of the complaints are overseas. Have had the same thing happen with Google maps here in the US many times so I don't see what the big deal is, especially for being a 1.0 product. I don't recall how reliable Google Maps was when it first came out, but its not perfect in its current form either.
  • You're right, it's not perfect even now (Google Maps). But most of it's problems when it FIRST came out, was because the technology was so new. Apple has the tech to make a better product than this. And they are NOT pioneers like Google was when they made theirs. Also, people make a big deal out of it because Apple is so good at pretending they are perfect in every way. It's very satisfying to see an undeniable shortcoming of theirs that even Apple disciples have to laugh at.
  • Mostly overseas problems. Um, no. Research and read some more. Here's a question: Would Steve Jobs allowed Apple Maps in its current state be released? So much for that Apple shine and polish.
  • Hells no!
  • True story!
  • Cross platform guy here. Nexus 7, VZW GNex and just freshly arrived iPhone 5 for work. Its light. And the screen looks good. Still no nexus. And now I have another row of icons. It is light. Will see how battery life is though on LTE. So far it doesn't seem much better than the s. And all the apps aren't updated to fill the screen. Kind of a letterbox effect. My speed test download speeds are twice as fast though. Haven't tried the GNex yet today but last night was around 8Mb/s and 17 on the iPhone. Hmm.
  • They stated that the Apps would be updated and that you would have the letterbox effect
  • Sounds like Apple worked hard at optimizing the antenna/radio for LTE, not one of the Nexus' strong points, for sure. But, try the speedtest while talking to your wife on the phone :)
  • LOL, I thought it might be VZW beefing up LTE in my area. Doesn't seem to be the case. But to your other point, I never have used Voice and Data simultaneously on my Gnex, I am criticized enough for not paying attention while on a phone call. Doesn't the iPhone 5 not support that? Letterbox i knew about, it's better than stretching. My other problem with apple is that GVoice doesn't make calls. Texting with it is fine. I though maybe the new iphone would be different. Busy day here what with this new iphone and my Gnex getting new candy.
  • I know 3 people who were 1,2,3 in line at best buy who didn't get theirs
  • Best Buy hands out coupons with numbers to prevent people from camping... Or at least that's what they did on the release of the Original iPad.
  • I would like to know how the battery on the iphone is compared to the SGS3 when using Verizon 4G.
  • Iphone sucks!
  • hahahahaha. None of those people look normal... coincidence?
  • iClowns waiting in line 5 days. Almost 2 years ago to the day, I got my Samsung Galaxy S with a 4" screen and a 4G radio. I'm 2 phones down the road from that day now. Welcome to 2010 iClowns!
  • Sadly to get the latest update you had to buy a new phone or root, that why you got two more phones? Or did the phones fail?
  • The point is, you still haven't caught up, so who cares why he got other phones. Maybe he just likes new phones. I know people who've had 3 iPhones since 2010 as well.
  • You're funny. How many people do you know that purchased the iphone 4, 4s and now the 5? that would be 24 months worth of purchases. I get a new phone about every 12 months because I like to have the latest greatest hardware. Right now I'm using a Galaxy Nexus, so no, I don't have problems with my hardware or getting software updates thank you very much! Yes, I did learn my lesson with the original Galaxy and software updates. By the way, how are iphone 4, 3, 3gs, ipad 1 and 2 owners enjoying siri? I guess they didn't get the latest software updates either :) some of them can't even run ios 6.
  • I thought it was idiot lineup day
  • Was watching the news and they were interviewing iSheepeople. This chode they interviewed stated that this was the "Best Day of my life!! I'm so stoked, been waiting so long for this". I had to turn off the TV; THE BEST DAY of your life?? Seems like you need to check into another life; BTW he had been in line since 11PM last night. *sigh* I know we get all excited, but I don't recall it going to that extreme (Maybe I'm wrong?)
  • For some reason, it reminds me of the Obama voter interviews in '08.
  • I'd like to know how Apple maps compares to Google maps
  • Apparently it's based on Tom Tom, but word is the directions take people to the wrong places. Supposed to be updates to fix etc etc. They also lost the mass transit information and other features from what I read. One website was suggesting using the browser to surf to Google for directions, lol
  • This i can confirm as my iphone loving coworkers conceded Apple Maps is "anemic" and he's not happy. Btw, I'm speaking of his upgrade to i0S6 on his 4. Take that crApple!!!!!
  • Going to test out later. But using Siri and the new maps brought the exact same information (-minus traffic) that Google nav brought. If this goes into night mode automatically I may prefer it. iOS settings are still a joke though. Siri now launches apps though. As long as it recognizes the name.
  • The directions always route you past at least one Apple store.
  • Sorry, double post.
  • I would never line up for any piece of electronics ever!!
  • Everyone run! It's the iZombie Apocalypse! Good thing we can hide from them using our superior map/nav technology. BTW, I have never been impressed with Tom Tom's routing capabilites. Different models have routed me in the wrong direction on several occasions. Couple that with Apple's outdated map info and it's a recipe for disaster. -SR-
  • You like Apple thats great, to each his own. Its just funny hearing people talk about how great and cutting edge it is when it has specs and features of 1-2 year old Sammy/Moto/HTC Android phone. And the plug is just a rip off, just like the 30 dollar rubber band was for the people who were "holding it wrong" and losing signals.
  • iDon't like Apple. That was from the Samsung commercial.
  • Maybe the iPhone is two years old as far as specs go (although I disagree with you), but it does a better job than the latest Android phones at what it does, and this is coming from a 3 year Android user who finally got fed up with the lag, instability and fragmentation and went iPhone this year for the first time in my life. I will never look back! Do you want more proof? After experiencing iOS I gave my Android tablet to 4 years old and bought an iPad, he uses it to watch Netflix, and every time I have to help him with something I get irritated how slow and unstable it is compared to the iPad, he got his hands on my iPad and now he hates his tablet! a 4 year old! is he an iSheep too? lol
  • maybey if u didnt get a $99 tablet it would be better
  • $400 qualifies? that's how much I paid for it.
  • Here's my version of your same comment: I have a coworker who is still rocking an iPhone 3Gs and it SUCKS! It is nothing compared to the Galaxy S3 and my Droid Razr Maxx. That played a huge role in my decision to go with Android because his phone is so slow. I am not smart enough to realize that his phone is a few years old and the S3 is brand new, so I can't make sense of why the S3 is better. Your kid wants the iPad because kids want whatever someone else is playing with. I can't tell you how many times i've seen 2-5 year olds playing with a superior toy, but they get mad and want what their cousin is playing with even though THAT toy is a simple, basic, boring toy. It's called "they haven't learned to share". Do you want more proof of my OPINIONS? Probably not......cause it isn't proof. It's opinion. And how do you disagree that the specs are two years old? You seriously can't even own up to the fact that Android has had 4G, 4" screen, and plenty other features for that amount of time? You STILL have to disagree just because of your Apple Arrogance? Having the specs listed on paper right in front of you is STILL not enough to set aside that pompous attitude. Wow...
  • You can insult me if you want, typical Android user! But specs do not matter! Do you want me to say that again? Before the iPhone, I bought the latest Android phone, with top of the line specs, do you know how many time I wanted to through it against the wall? Listen, I am not an apple fanboy, in fact, there are things that I do not like about them as a company, but the product is superior in my opinion, which brings me back to the reason I even commented, not all iPhone users are iSheep! Some of us really and honestly think that iOS is much more stable, reliable and more elegant than Android, that's all!
  • I am "insulting" you by analyzing your comment? I know this is difficult for you to understand, but facts about Apple do not automatically count as an insult. Saying you disagree with FACT is ridiculous, and me pointing it out is not an insult just because you ignore factual data. If 4G has been on phones for 2 years, and every other "new" feature has also been out for 2+ years, that means the new iPhone IS OUTDATED. It's factually correct regardless if you "agree" or not.
  • No you are insulting because you try to belittle the man, second you base you so called "facts" on specs (worthless for a good experience) which are in fact true but what is not true is that the specs do not create the feel of the phone, it's the OS. You are still spouting off bullshit specs? really? YOU are the one that fell for the hype on whatever android "phone of the week you have". People like apple products for reliability and industry standard materials and design that apple utilizes. Anyone that chooses a unstable OS cased inside of a flimsy plastic piece of trash clearly has no eye to spot a quality product at all. Ring a bell? I used to be one of them...not anymore
  • Use a Nexus Device and then tell me about an unstable OS. The Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Nexus 7 are all running Jelly Bean and as smooth as butter. If you were an early Android adopter running a skinned device, I can understand your frustration. Nexus devices don't have the problems you are speaking about. I prefer Android for it's customization and I like the user interface much better. I have a work issued ipad and it is plain boring to use. Give me a choice between the 2 and I always pick up my Nexus 7.
  • No that doesn't make him one. But also that doesn't really say anything, really great your 4 year old can operate and easy OS congrats. Your complaints can be filed down to what device did you own and did you do research before hand? Alot of people go to apple cause "they heard it was easy to use" instead of doing research into a product. Also yes most of everything on the I phone 5 is almost two years old except maybe one or two things. Now I am happy you got what works for you but you can blame android for EOMs not updating their products.
  • To the end user it does not matter who the manufacturer is, Android is the OS on the phone, you see now why fragmentation is bad?
  • So i have a 1st gen Ipod touch and it can't run IOS6 so by your logic IOS is also bad because my very old Ipod will not work with it. Fragmentation is fragmentation wether it be because a company is not willing to update software or because the product is old. I just want to know where it was writen that people had update the phone in the first place? When I buy a computer its not a given that it's gonna get a update to the latest or greatist. Why do people feel it needs to be this way with cell phones?
  • I totally agree with you about the lag/instability on android. I have had about a dozen android phones including the s3 and the Gnex in the past 3 years as well as an iphone 4s. I really wanted to like android for what it was but it is in fact buggy and laggy...its just the way it is. period. Jelly bean was a nice update but still subpar as far as creating a "new" experience. Bottom line is I believe that from my experience there will be no android NO android powered phone that will ever provide the experience as ios. You guys will comment with specs/features are better on android, maybe so but that's not what it's all about, it's all about the experience. As for anyone saying "iphone sucks" or "iphone is for the sheep" is bullshit, smartphones are for making life easier not harder as android will do.
  • My Razr Maxx and Nexus 7 run like butter. Smooth as glass and not a single crash. Not one.
  • Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. no pun intended.
  • Oh. You mean the iCondom. I didn't use one. Now my phone's pregnant. ;)
  • nice to know where all the mature comments are posted, stupid roidfanboys.
    i have a S3 and support Google's mighty OS, but man reading some of your asinine comments makes me ashamed to be a android user, let the isheep peeps have their day. really how does it affect you?
  • I would be THRILLED for Apple fans IF they didn't act like owning an iPhone made them part of an elite group that entitles them to be pompous. That's why I give them a hard time. If they just liked their phone, and loved Apple then that would be fine. But I know too many of these tools that look down on me because of the phones we carry in our pockets. I know Android users can be the same way, but i've personally never met an Android user that even came close to the iPhone arrogance. And i've only been with Android for a year so it's not like i'm extremely biased on how people act. Also, it's not like Apple ever lets Android have OUR Day. They get bans imposed on our devices and then make Google push updates that removes useful features. So I don't think they've really earned the right to be left alone.
  • +1 million BEER THIS MAN!
  • really i tend to agree with you,but for the most part its just a stereotype posed upon iphone peeps, and my wife owns the 4S so does that maker her pompous and arrogant LOL. bans on devices no, didn't hurt me i got my S3, my buddy got his evo 4g my sister got her one X so no the ban didn't effect me or the people i know. and thats the company not the users. its a patent war plain and simple. shoot i would sue if i knew stole one of my patents, wouldn't you.
  • Yes I would. If the patent WAS in fact stolen. Or if the patent was ethical to begin with. I would NOT patent prior art, and I would NOT patent something that was obviously common sense. I personally would not run a company the way Apple does. Which probably is why I would fail unlike Apple. I am not the cut-throat, unethical person that it would take to be "successful" like Jobs was. And you act like I said EVERY Apple user is pompous. I did not. I said the ones I know are, and I have yet to meet an Android user that was as bad. I'm sure your wife is a great person. As far as the bans go, I also didn't say it keeps us from getting phones. But it is Apple's way of spoiling our party which is originally what you asked us not to do to them. Apple fans LOVE to pretend that it doesn't go both ways. "Why can't you just let us enjoy our big day??" Yet last month Apple was trying to make my Note 10.1 become banned the week I got it. You can't call MY experience a stereotype or innacurate. I am happy that your experience is different but that in no way affects mine. In my world, it is not a stereotype, it is real. That's the way my interactions are with these people and it is very frustrating.
  • Don't think you've ever experienced the isheeppl bashing of android, have you? Well, i think it's coming from android users who have ad nauseum. Apple brought it upon themselves, lying to the masses to the point iDisciples lay claims for them that "Apple invented this/that and all else". To the point where an Apple biased judge thru out any prior art argument that proved that functions existed prior to apple so-called patenting of whatever technology. Ppl in my office, hardcore iphone fans feel a little cheated after their IOS6 update... what??? No youTube, google maps??? What??????? Yeah, Apple basically cutting off their nose to spite their face (kind of).
  • This is what irritates about Android fans, they are allowed to support their system but iOS users, when they do, brag about their system get called names. Have you ever thought that iOS users really think their system is superior? I do, and I used Android for 3 years before I ever used an iPhone, but once I did, i realized what the hype is all about. Long gone the days of lag and instability and fragmentation, long gone the days of spending hours rooting to get a better and more stable version, long gone the days of the bad OS! Android really sucks from a user experience when compared to iOS, plain and simple!
  • I hear you about lag and all, BUT... today's a new day. I don't experience any lag on my phone... gNex Jelly Bean... Keep in mind, especially prior to dual core days, the android experience was weaker.. Again, it's a new day, especially for mid-range to premium devices.
  • Yet again, someone who pretends that it's one sided. If you aren't aware enough to see that it occurs on both sides of the spectrum, then you should just stop posting on forums. Also, the lag does get frustrating but it's easy to have no lag when your entire OS is only an app tray. I have never had lag in my Android App Tray so I assume if their whole OS was as basic, plain, and boring as Apple, there'd be a similar level of smooth performance. I will take the useful OS (Android) anyday over a laughable app tray.
  • That is your opinion. I have had both products and have had lag on both. The most lag I ever had was on my eris. I have since used a fascinate,x2,Dinc2,4s,and S3 and have not had any lag. I prefer Android to Ios because of what I can do and that it doesn't rely on anything but it self for content, but my wife like IOS. But shes a femal what does she know lol
  • Totally agree, android is unpredictable.
  • As I said in an earlier post: Let's compare the "experience", shall we? And we might as well do it in basic terms. Home screen
    iOS: A shelf with some square pictures on it. You can tap the pictures, and an app opens up after 10 seconds.
    Android: A shelf with some pictures of different shapes. You can move them around freely, and also place widgets which show information. They all open apps. Browser
    iOS: Up to nine tabs. They can load pages in as little as 2 minutes! (literally, it's from experience)
    Android: A customizable browser with as many tabs as you want! It's really fast, too. Apps
    iOS: 450,000* apps for iPhone. 250,000 more for iPad, for a total of 700,000*.
    Android: 900,000* apps that are compatible with both phones and tablets.
    These are estimates, based on previous data. About 20,000 iOS apps are made per month, compared to 100,000 on Android. Specs
    They don't mean everything, but they're still important. Expressed in more advanced terms.
    iOS: Dual Core processor, 512 MB RAM. 4G LTE on 3 networks.
    Android: Up to a Quad-Core processor, 2 GB RAM. 4G LTE on 3 networks, 4G on others, and HSPA+ on more, for the past two years. Is that enough? Or should I go on? In your experience, Android has been a sh*tty experience with tons of lag, while iOS is nearly flawless. Well, it's the opposite for most people.
  • I know you think it's funny to troll on these forums, bad-mouthing Android on every post that supports it, but it's really unacceptable. I guesssome people don't realize that there's a such thing as an opinion and that their opinion isn't a fact.
  • Just chill dude. I doubt you will be able to change their minds, and I doubly they will be able to change your mind. To each his (her) own. Don't worry. Be happy. :)
  • I feel sorry for people like does make good hardware but I hate the software on the all the things I can do with my android phones......
  • All joking aside, I'm kinda bummed about the iphone 5. I wanted it to be better. As a GS3 owner I wished to see it be released with really impressive features and build. What was released today isn't really going to push the likes of Samsung/Moto/HTC/etc. all that much. -Suntan
  • I am not going to talk about the iPhone5 but iOS6 on the iPhone 4S blew my mind! Better than any Android phone or tablet I have ever used and I have used quiet many of them!
  • You've used "quiet many" huh? Yeah.....I bet you know what you're talking about!
  • Maybe he doesn't speak good english, ever thought of that "legalamerican"? you are just a straight up dick... all jokes aside. Oh yeah and despite his typo he makes a hell of a lot more sense then you do.
  • How could iOS6 blow your mind? Honestly. It just isn't much different that iOS has always been. Icon grid and apps. Curious what is so amazing?
  • It now has worse Maps and Youtube apps. That's why it blows your mind.
  • Wait a few weeks until the hype dies down and people realize it's basically the same phone only with a half inch taller screen and faster processor. If you're an owner of a 4S, I have absolutely no idea what would entice you to upgrade to the 5, other than being one of the "cool kids" who has the latest and greatest gadget.
  • iPhone 4SG/4GS is a tad bit more acceptable ;)
  • Except it isn't the greatest :P
  • I have an iPad and Apple Maps is actually as bad as people say it is. I can see if Apple Maps was what you got on the original iPhone, but it's inexcusable to release that app in its current state in 2012. Anyone that says Apple cares about user experience more than Google or anyone else is wrong. And today is actually Verizon GNex Jelly Bean day!
  • The maps fiasco shows how Apple is just in it for themselves. They've duped their customer base into thinking they make products for the end user, but in this case they've cut ties with Google Maps due to their patent disputes with Android hardware companies. It's no suprise that both the native YouTube app and Maps app were both dropped from iOS6. Apple wants to totally close themselves off from any open standard, thereby locking in their consumers into their eco system. Sadly, the Apple fanboys will just grin and bear it and show facets of the new Apple maps that they claim are far superior to anything out there. It's sad really.
  • Went to check out iPhone for myself in person. 1. For my taste it's actually too light. Yes, I said it.... I actually like to feel some substance in my hand when I use a phone device. 2. The white model I was looking at already had its top metal strip scratched and so did the one next to it. It wasn't bad as if someone dropped it but noticeable enough. It looks like it's made out of aluminum (was iPhone 4 stainless steel?). So if you buy this iPhone (especially anodized black), you better buy a case. Which by the way defeats the whole "jewel like" argument. 3. OS looks identical and to be honest I didn't even see a change in the screen size. Sure, it's there (on paper) but if you showed me this phone without 4S next to it, I may not even realize it's a different size screen. Bottom line, this is not for me. But hey, dozens of people lined up (at lunch time) outside of the store think otherwise.
  • iDiots
  • I honestly don't care!!!
  • Steve Jobs Sent a Message through my Ouija: All you idiots! Until today you didn't even know where you lived or worked! Thank me for the New Nav App, Now you live where I tell you
  • Checked out the iPhone 5 at Verizon today just to see once again what all the hype is about. I left unimpressed. Its just another iphone to me. Though my screen isnt as nice i prefer my moto droid m overall.