Titan Quest is one of the most fun mobile ports ever [Android Game of the Week]

Titan Quest Hero
Titan Quest Hero (Image credit: Android Central)

When thinking of a game this week, my first thought was one that just released a few days ago that I've been playing a lot of in my spare time between the day job and my other duties here. And while I'm having fun with it, and I might feature it in a future Game of the Week, I wanted to draw all of your attention to this absolute gem of gaming: Titan Quest.

Some of you might remember this ARPG from 2006, or you might be playing the Anniversary Edition on Steam, or both. Regardless, this game from Iron Lore, a defunct game development studio of old, was so awesome in its time. It filled the void that Diablo II left for many of us ARPG fans.

You are a nameless hero, arrived on the shores of Helos, a Greek village besieged by mythological and wild beasts. Your business there will see you set out in search of the reason why the world is suddenly under siege by monsters. You will fight hordes of enemies, harrowing bosses, and explore the wide range of the ancient world from Greece all the way to China.

It's honestly a better setting than Diablo, in my opinion, especially for a younger me who was fascinated by old mythologies. And though the Titan Quest IP is now owned by THQ Nordic, which proves itself an excellent caretaker, we saw the Android release not really that long ago.

The biggest downside of this port is that it's not the Anniversary Edition, which means it lacks a lot of the upgrades and quality of life improvements that THQ Nordic's re-release saw. That also means that there are no Atlantis or Ragnarok expansions here, either, both of which combined equal a substantial amount of new content. Still, Titan Quest is a big game that will take you a long time to complete on your first run-through, especially if you explore everything and do the side quests.

There's a lot of build diversity, but the draw of any hack-and-slash ARPG is the loot and boy howdy, is there a bunch of it.

Otherwise, the port is quite good. The touch controls are relatively well-implemented, combat is done well, and there are fewer bugs than I expected, given the fact that the original game wasn't super stable all the time. There are a few oddities and frustrations, such as not being able to pick up items without restarting the game, but the experience as a whole is good enough to recommend.

If you love the thrill of finding new loot and want a classic game that does it right, then be sure to pick up Titan Quest in the Play Store. I've played through this game tons of times and loved each playthrough. There's a lot of build diversity, and though there are fewer disciplines than the Anniversary Edition, you still have plenty to work with. But the draw of any hack-and-slash ARPG is the loot and boy howdy, is there a bunch of it. Within a few hours, your character will look dope, and it just gets better from there.

Titan Quest, and its spiritual successor Grim Dawn (which sadly hasn't been ported to Android), does an excellent job at balancing combat while still making you feel like a badass demi-god. Even as a die-hard fan of punishingly difficult Souls-likes, that's really all I can ask for sometimes.

So check out Titan Quest if you're looking for a new game to sink many, many hours into. And while you're at it, be sure also to check out our roundup of the best Android games you can play. If you're looking for previous Game of the Week entries, we have a nice backlog for you to read.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest

One of the best ARPGs ever, Titan Quest is available for you to play right on your phone. Experience the ancient epic setting, the awesome loot, and everything the Titans have to throw at you.

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