5 tips and tricks to help you conquer Destiny 2's Vex Offensive mode

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's Season of the Undying has kicked off, and the nefarious Vex have begun to invade the Moon en masse. To help hold back the robotic armies, Guardians can participate in the Vex Offensive mode, which is a six-player co-op experience set in the eerie Black Garden. In this mode, players will need to work together in order to push through hundreds of Vex soldiers and, eventually, defeat a Gate Keeper called Crotheon that is directing the Vex's forces to the Moon. Here are five tips and tricks that will help you get through the Vex Offensive mode still standing.

Use weapons with high fire rates

Since the Vex Offensive is essentially a horde mode, weapons that typically have large magazines and high rates of fire are ideal for burning through the gigantic army. This mainly consists of Assault Rifles, but Submachine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, and even Sidearms can fulfill this role well too.

If you're looking for a specific weapon to bring into the fray, I recommend the Breakneck Assault Rifle for its exponential damage and fire rate properties, or alternatively, the new Exotic Assault Rifle Monte Carlo that lowers the cooldown of your melee abilities with each hit. The Thunderlord Heavy Machine Gun is also a great pick for your heavy weapon slot, as its area-of-effect (AoE) lightning strikes are perfect for clearing out groups of enemies.

Void energy damage is best

While all subclasses and energy weapon types are effective in the Vex Offensive, the best one is Void due to the fact that the majority of the Vex's shielded troops use Void-based shielding.

In Destiny 2, using an energy type that matches the shield you're hitting causes significantly-increased damage to the shield and will even cause an AoE explosion that damages nearby foes when you break the shield. It's just another great way to help weaken and thin out the horde.

Prioritize killing Hobgoblins

While the hundreds of Vex Goblins in the Vex Offensive acting as cannon fodder are certainly dangerous, and while the heavy Minotaur units will require focus fire from your team, the Hobgoblin sniper troops that frequently spawn up in high places are ultimately the biggest threat to your chances of success. If you leave them to their own devices, these deadly sharpshooters will set up crossfires all around your fireteam's positions, turning the battlefield into a No Man's Land.

Therefore, it's important to kill them as soon as you see them. Aside from their displayed enemy name, you can easily identify Hobgoblins by their wide headdresses and the high-pitched sound of their Line Rifle weaponry. Don't immediately shoot them in the crit spot on their torso, as it will prompt them to activate a brief shield of invulnerability. Instead, blast their head off first, which will disable their ability to use their shield and open the door for you to hit their weak spot safely.

Use high ground when fighting large groups

Once you clear the aforementioned Hobgoblins off of their high ground, you can use those positions to your advantage when trying to burn through the Vex horde. Forcing enemies to fire up at you limits their effective firing angles, and all you have to do to attack them effectively is peek over the top of whatever platform you're standing on.

There are tons of different high grounds to use, ranging from the branches of large trees to the tops of large stone pillars, so always be on the lookout for these advantageous firing positions.

Avoid ledges when fighting Crotheon

Once you reach the final section of the Vex Offensive activity and begin the battle against Crotheon the Gate Keeper, avoid ledges at all costs. Crotheon has a stomp attack that it will frequently utilize if one or more Guardians get up close to it, and the resulting shockwave will send you flying. If you're unlucky, you'll end up right in a death pit, and several Guardians dying at once in this fight can result in the entire team wiping.

It's a good idea to avoid being close to tall solid objects such as walls when Crotheon is close to you as well, as hitting one while being flung by Crotheon's stomp can sometimes result in instant death.

Your thoughts

What do you think of the Vex Offensive activity? What strategies have you come up with that work well for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, which unlocks access to Season of the Undying and allows you to partake in the Vex Offensive, is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Brendan Lowry