Buying smart plug after smart plug can be pretty expensive, which is where devices like Teckin's Smart Power Strip come in handy. It's a surge protector with four smart outlets and four USB ports that allows you to control each outlet individually by using an app on your smartphone. Regularly sold for nearly $28, today you can snag one at Amazon for just $22.95 using the promo code 8GCBWYHX.

Plug It In

Teckin Smart Power Strip

Control all the things with your phone or your voice. This has plenty of ports for your gear. Use code 8GCBWYHX to snag your discount.

$22.95 $27.99 $5 Off

Compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, this power strip would allow you to control lights, your TV, game consoles, or anything else plugged into it using your voice or your smartphone. However, you'd need a device like the Echo Dot or a Google Home Mini to activate its voice control functionality. You can set a name for each outlet and port so you can remember what's plugged in and then control each outlet individually as needed. Reviewers in the past have noted that the USB ports cannot be controlled individually; you can choose to have them all on or all off. You can set timers for them to turn on and off on a schedule, too.

This smart power strip features a five-foot power cord and positive customer reviews, with an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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