Control your PlayStation 4 and TV with PDP's newly announced Cloud Remote

PDP Cloud remote PS4 remodel render
PDP Cloud remote PS4 remodel render (Image credit: PDP)

Customers have been ditching their cable companies and moving towards online streaming services more and more over the past few years. Some people buy a device like a Roku Streaming Stick or the Amazon Fire TV to begin accessing sites like Netflix and Hulu, however, gamers already know that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also capable of that. It's actually preferred in some homes to use your console to begin streaming shows and movies because you won't have to constantly switch inputs or waste another port on the back of your TV.

These consoles aren't shipped with a standard TV remote, of course, but with the rise of cord-cutting, it's about time for console remotes to get serious. Luckily, PDP agrees, and today it has unveiled its latest device — the Cloud Remote for PlayStation 4. Using Bluetooth, it connects first to your PlayStation 4 and then programs itself to also work with devices plugged into your console, such as your TV, once you download the PDP Cloud Remote App.

You might recall a PlayStation 4 remote by PDP which looked similar to this one. That remote has since been refined and tinkered with to bring it to this point. The Cloud Remote features dedicated buttons for your console, including Action buttons, Share, Options, and PS buttons. Also built-in are controls for volume, input, and power which is really nice when it comes to turning everything off at the end of the night. You'll just need one button instead of multiple devices.

PDP is also including a 30-day trial of PlayStation Vue with this remote when you buy it from Amazon or GameStop, which lets you try out the console's live TV streaming service at no extra cost. It offers channels like ESPN, FX, AMC, Cartoon Network, and the NFL Network.

This remote will be released on September 18 with an MSRP of $29.99. It's already available for pre-order at sites like Amazon.

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