The PlayStation Vue Core Plan has a sale right now where you can get the first two months for just $39.99 a month instead of the usual $49.99 price. That's a 20% difference and a very rare deal for Vue. You'll need to be a new subscriber to get this deal, and the subscription will revert to $50 a month after the two month promotion expires.

Stream Your Favorites

PlayStation Vue streaming service

If you don't have a cable subscription but miss some things like sports (I know I do), then grab a Vue subscription while it's on sale and catch up with your favorite teams.

$39.99 $50 $10 off

The Vue has four pricing plans. The Core is the second plan that includes both live TV and sports. With this deal, it's actually less expensive than the basic Access plan that only includes live TV. You'll get access to ESPN, the NFL Network, MLB, NBA, and other sports channels in addition to Live TV, which includes channels like NBC, BBC America, the Food Network, and others.

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PlayStation Vue is Sony's TV streaming service that works a lot like cable. You pay a monthly subscription price and get a package of channels, with more channels for the higher tier plans. There's no yearly contract or anything, though, just pay month-to-month and cancel it whenever you want. It does not need a PlayStation to work. Anywhere you watch other streaming services like Netflix you'll probably be able to find a similar PlayStation Vue app (except Xbox since Sony and Microsoft don't like each other).

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